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Curiosity Days at Pacific Science Center

Get set to get curious about a new scientific theme every other month at Curiosity Days.

These weekend-long events explore the connections between science and our region; you’ll engage with local innovators, explore new topics, and see what scientific research and breakthroughs are happening in Seattle. With hands-on activities, demonstrations and discussions, you’ll soon discover that science is everywhere.

Curiosity Days: Evolving Cities

September 22-23

Examine the challenges facing cities today, and the innovations that will sustain the cities of tomorrow at Curiosity Days: Evolving Cities.

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Test your creativity and unleash your imagination as we explore the future of cities. Local innovators and engineers will host hands-on demonstrations, workshops and activities all weekend long! Discover the basics of civil engineering, design your own city and find out what it takes to host life on Mars.

Curiosity Days events are included with general admission to Pacific Science Center and are FREE for Members. Learn more about Membership here.


3D Printing and Mold Casting | Niels HD Prints
Watch a 3D printing demonstration coupled with an interactive mold-casting activity.

American Medical Response Ambulance

Are You Smarter than a Housing Expert? | Mercy Housing Northwest
Seattle is evolving, and affordable housing is a key component to helping all people thrive in a city that’s rapidly growing and changing. Test your knowledge with Mercy Housing Northwest while learning myth-busting facts about affordable housing.

Buoyancy | AIE
Plop down buildings and watch your population construct them, while managing increasing population demands such as hunger and happiness.

Captain Fantastic’s Recycled Plastic | ReMake Lab
Have fun in a play-based game that tracks the different possible life cycles of single use plastics, and get a free gift!

Charging Up Seattle | Eluminocity
Eluminocity is deploying Electric Vehicle Charging sites throughout the city in preparation for the increased adoption of electric vehicles by drivers and to provide economic and environmental benefits.

Collective Cardboard City | Tinker Tank
Help Tinker Tank construct an entire miniature city out of cardboard and possibly other stuff! What will our city need? How will our city evolve?

Disaster Innovation: From History to Imagination | Seattle Emergency Management
Sunday Only
Learn about hazards and past disasters in our region. We’ll invite the disaster planners of tomorrow to use their imaginations to contribute new ideas to the City’s disaster planning process.

Exploring Civic Tech | Democracy Lab – Civic Tech Hackathon
Sunday Only
Learn how Seattle is empowering civic technology and explore the grassroots technology-for-good projects.

Our City – Past and Present | Seattle Municipal Archives
Sunday Only, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Discover how the city has changed through maps, historical documents, and photographs.

Riches Plank Experience
Walk a plank off a 60-story high rise, or save the city as a flying firefighter.

Seattle Fire Department
Saturday Only, 1-3 p.m.
Ask your local firefighters what real fire is like! Tour a fire engine, watch a firefighter don firefighter gear and learn about tools for firefighting.

Smart Cities | UW Department of Electrical Engineering
Researchers in the Department of Electrical Engineering at UW study how traffic, power and people flow through cities as emerging technologies like solar and personal device routing change the way we interact with civil infrastructure.

Solar Scavenger Hunt
Pacific Science Center and Seattle Center grounds are your game board in this map-based scavenger hunt.

Sticker City | Seattle Design Nerds
Contribute to our growing sticker metropolis on the walls of a giant inflatable!

Super Structures | Pacific Science Center’s Science On Wheels
Sunday Only
Design, test, redesign! Build a skyscraper and see if it can withstand an earthquake or typhoon.

Sustainable Housing in Seattle | Ankrom Moisan Architects
Try on goggles for a VR exploration of a new housing building. Explore options to add more buildings at a future light rail stop. Create and add your own building into Seattle’s blocks.

The Promenade Red Apple Grocery Store: a community meeting spot | Fearless 360°
Experience a 360º shopping trip at the former Central District Red Apple grocery store and hear from Central District residents about how the store offered much more than groceries – it was a community meeting spot – and what is lost now that it’s gone.

Tiny Tiny Home Launch | Maker-ologists
Sunday Only
Tiny Tiny House is a educational experience and initiative for a new standard in living.

Underwater 3D Photogrammetry | Global Underwater Explorers
Global Underwater Explorers presents on the underwater world and displays 3D models of underwater artifacts like planes and sailing ships.

Urban Wandering | Ex Factory Creative
A visual exploration of the city



Dream Big in IMAX
3:15 p.m. daily
Dream Big: Engineering Our World will transform how we think about engineering. From the Great Wall of China and the world’s tallest buildings to underwater robots, solar cars and smart, sustainable cities, Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world.

Superconductors in the City of the Future | Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston
Sunday Only, 1 p.m.
Superconductors are making possible brand new technologies; we will explain how they work and look at some applications

The ReMake Lab
Hear an abbreviated history of how global recycling began and how localized recycling enables a more sustainable future.

The Seattles That Might Have Been | The Seattle Times
Saturday Only, 3:30 p.m.
The Seattle we know is one of many possible cities that might have risen here–and that a long list of starstruck visionaries and flinty-eyed developers have tried to build. Veteran Seattle journalist and author Eric Scigliano leads us on down their trail of failed schemes and broken dreams, from subways and monorails first proposed in 1906 to high rises over Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market to bridges and car tubes spanning Puget Sound to the South Lake Union Commons and a downtown salmon stream. What lessons do they offer as we try to figure out where the city goes from here?