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Share Your Work at Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center is dedicated to celebrating the amazing scientific and technological achievements of our region. PacSci invites those who want to showcase research or innovation to get involved with our professional development and other programs. As a portal to many types of audiences, we can work with you to develop a tailored outreach plan, hone your communication skills, and achieve broad impact.

Learn more below about the variety of opportunities we offer. Not sure what you are looking for? Contact to discuss your options.

Events and Programs

Reach one of the largest and most diverse public audiences in the region through events at Pacific Science Center. STEM professionals can work within PacSci’s suite of innovative program offerings or collaborate with us to design a brand-new way to share your work. View the programs below, as well as other opportunities including summer camps, teen mentoring programs, and planetarium shows.

Events & programs from Pacific Science Center

Science in the City

This adult-focused evening event series brings in local experts to present their work to a general audience in a fun, casual atmosphere. Events may extend the learning by including extras like IMAX® documentaries, planetarium shows, or other activities. Learn more

Events & programs from Pacific Science Center

Curiosity Expo

These multi-day event invite guests of all ages to explore a science and technology-related theme. Themes cover a wide range of topics including astronomy, transportation, polar science, engineering, and human health. Each features hands-on activities and presentations by local experts, as well as featured IMAX® movies, stage shows and more.  Learn more

Events & programs from Pacific Science Center

Special Full-Day Events

Similar to Curiosity Expo but on a smaller scale, these family-friendly events use hands-on activities and demonstrations to showcase local experts whose work relates to a chosen theme. Past events have focused on wildlife science, game design, and nanoscience.

Professional Development Opportunities

Pacific Science Center offers two options for training in science communication skills: the Science Communication Fellowship and custom science communication workshops.

Science Communications Training from Pacific Science Center

Science Communication Fellowship Program

The Science Communication Fellowship Program provides training for local scientists, engineers, researchers and other STEM-based professionals along with ongoing opportunities for them to engage with the public about their work. Hundreds of professionals in the greater Seattle area have participated in this training and continue to collaborate with PacSci. Learn more

Science Communications Training from Pacific Science Center

Custom Science Communication Workshops

These intensive workshops prepare science and technology experts to engage directly with public audiences. Depending on the group’s needs, workshops can range in length from two hours to two days and include activities that explore the nature of how people learn, teach public engagement skills and strategies, help with the development of content-specific hands-on experiences, or any combination of the above. Learn more


Interested? Get Involved

These programs are just a sample of the ways in which you can partner with Pacific Science Center. To find the best fit for you and your work, contact or call (206) 269-5758 to get started.

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