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Be Curious. Celebrate Earth.

Curiosity springs to life at PacSci. Celebrate our planet, Earth, by planting seeds of discovery and change.

Learn new ways to celebrate our remarkable home, Earth. There’s something new to discover, explore, and inspire you to love your planet every day.


Experience Earth Day with Digital Content

Earth Day Now More Now than Ever: Into Nature and Toward Life

Watch this special livestreamed Earth Day event! Discover how, even in the city, we can deepen our interactions with the natural world, Earth’s heartbeat. Learn more

Watch Butterflies Emerging

Have you ever see the moment that butterflies emerge from a chrysalis? Watch this insider’s glimpse into some of our butterflies making their debut in our Tropical Butterfly House.

Make a Raincloud

Create a rain cloud using items found at home. This activity involves weather and the scientific method, and is appropriate for all ages with adult supervision.

Ocean Acidification

Create your own example of carbon-dioxide rich atmosphere in a cup and watch the reaction of the water beneath it. Discover how the ocean atmosphere interacts with carbon dioxide gas and how it diffuses into water, causing the water to become more acidic.

Download Earth Day Curiosity at Home Activities

Ecosystem Surveys

Observe a nearby ecosystem like a park or backyard in Ecosystem Surveys.

Design a Solution

Design new inventions that can solve problems in Design a Solution.

Observing Our Oceans

Investigate the impact of ice melting due to climate change and how that affects sea levels in Observing Our Oceans.

Spider Silk Hunt

Go looking for spider webs and learn about their silk in Spider Silk Hunt.

Wind Powered Cars

Design a vehicle, test it, and redesign it in Wind Powered Cars.

Oil Spill Clean Up

Become an environmental engineer and research, design, and test ways to clean up polluted bodies of water in Oil Spill Clean Up.

Test Your Spider Knowledge

How well do you know spiders? Test Your Spider Knowledge.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Explore the environment, flora, and fauna around your home and go on an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt.

Make Your Own Insect Lifecycle

Learn about insect lifecycles and make your own.

Observations in Sound

Get a deeper understanding of the world around you by making a sound map in Observations in Sound.


Science in the City Talks

Always Book a Window Seat: Reflections of a Female Geologist

Step into the shoes of a geologist and view the world with a new perspective with Deborah Green, the 2019 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Applied Geology. Hear how being a woman in a male-dominated field has shaped her experiences and how it has led her to be an advocate for diversity for the future of her discipline.

Climate Depression: Confronting Eco-Anxiety in the Age of Crisis

As our climate crisis grows, new research shows that ecological loss is taking a huge emotional toll. Watch this discussion about the emotional dimensions of our climate crisis and shares strategies for addressing grief and anxiety over environmental loss without retreating into despair. 

Mysteries of the Deep: Seattle’s Underwater Secrets

Hidden beneath the water surrounding Seattle lies hundreds of crashed airplanes, wrecked wooden ships and abandoned artifacts. See never-before-seen 3D models, photos and stories from the last century using a new technology.

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