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EV Charging Station at Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center now offers Light & Charge electric vehicle charging stations. Built by Eluminocity, these publicly accessible charging stations now are a key step forward in expanding the electric vehicle infrastructure required to increase adoption of electric vehicles in Seattle and the Puget Sound region.

Seattle electric vehicle owners now have access to the Light & Charge hub at Pacific Science Center, which offers (1) ChargePoint: DC Fast Charger with Chademo & Combo plugs and (4) Eluminocity L2 chargers located on the top level of our garage. Chargers are accessible 24/7.

Pay-for-parking kiosks are located on the top level of our garage and by the elevator. Please see below for further payment information:

  • L2 Chargers: Pay-for-parking is required for all L2 chargers.
  • DC Fast Charger: Parking fees are waived for the DCFC, however a 30-minute parking limit is enforced. Charging prices are visible on the ChargePoint mobile app as well as on the scrolling message on the station’s display. The DCFC parking space is a designated as electric vehicle only space.

EV Charging Station FAQ

What network do the chargers use?
Pacific Science Center’s electric vehicle charging stations are connected to ChargePoint. ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle charging network operating ChargePoint charging stations and hardware from other leading electric vehicle charging manufacturers. The ChargePoint mobile app connects drivers on-the-go with access to their account and real-time station availability. To download the ChargePoint mobile app, click here.

What is the climate impact of the electricity that will power my electric vehicle?
Seattle City Light’s electricity is 100 percent carbon-neutral. 90 percent of Seattle City Light’s electricity comes from low-impact hydroelectric sources. Road transportation accounts for two-thirds of Seattle’s carbon pollution. Replacing that pollution with carbon-neutral electricity is good for both the environment and the people in our region.

I am ready to charge at a station, how do I start a session?
The easiest way to access a ChargePoint station is with a ChargePoint card. You simply hold your ChargePoint card over the smart card reader symbol. The station checks that you are authorized to use the station. Once authorized, the holster unlocks so you can plug the connector into your electric vehicle. You can also start a session using the ChargePoint mobile app or by calling the customer service number on the station.

How do I end a charging session?
When you return to your vehicle, just tap your ChargePoint card on the smart card reader symbol on the station. The message on the display will instruct you to unplug the connector from your car, and put it back in the holster.

Why won’t the charging station read my ChargePoint card?
Make sure you’re holding the card over the smart card reader symbol, and wait a second or two for it to read the card.

What happens if I forget my ChargePoint card?
If you arrive at a ChargePoint station without your ChargePoint card, you can always call the toll free customer service number on the station to get access to the station. You can also access a station by using the ChargePoint mobile app.

How do I contact customer assistance about my account?
ChargePoint drivers receive 24/7 customer support by calling 1-888-758-4389 or emailing