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Visit PacSci On Planet Minecraft

Go on an adventure, see your favorite exhibits, and share your creations using #PacSciMinecraft

Be Curious. Game On.

Curiosity levels up. Solve, strategize, work together, and go deep into the science of play, all year long.

Experience the world of games on and offline through virtual events testing your trivia knowledge, livestreamed Science in the City talks with local gaming organizations, visit PacSci in a special Minecraft build, plus at-home activities and suggestions to keep the fun going. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s always something new to discover, explore, and play to keep you curious all year long.


Digital Activities and Experiences

Visit PacSci On Planet Minecraft

PacSci has joined fellow Crafters on Minecraft. Download a map of PacSci through Planet Minecraft.

Explore your favorite exhibits like the dinosaurs and the Tropical Butterfly House. Build onto PacSci in creative mode. Better yet: change it to survival and fight off monsters at PacSci!

Share your adventures and creations with us on social media using #PacSciMinecraft. Happy crafting!



Digital Puzzles

We all love puzzles, and we’re excited to bring some of your PacSci favorites to Puzzle World, Ravensburger’s digital realm. Butterflies plus puzzles…what could be better! Look for the adjacent puzzles on Puzzle World and see how fast you can solve them.

Play all of Ravensburger’s digital puzzles and have fun solving with friends and family!

Butterfly used for digital puzzle
butterfly pupae for digital puzzle

Play Science Games

PacSci-doku banner image

Mission Impossible

Grab your spy gear and get ready a mission like no other! Explore your surroundings and go through a maze. Download and play now

Abstract images of dice

Action Dice

Build action dice and use them to play a silly game that gets you up and moving. Try dice with different themes, actions, and more. Download and play now

Abstract image of a score card

At Home Olympics

Try this twist on the traditional Olympics and test your skills in these fun, unique racing styles. Download and play now

Abstract image of color flakes being mixed in a cup

Color Search

Play this scavenger hunt that incorporates color recognition, racing, and the uncertainty of chance. Try it with 2+ players for maximum fun. Download and play now

PacSci-doku banner image

What's On The Tray

Test our your short term memory and your brain’s ability to collect and store information in What’s On The Tray. Download and play now

PacSci-doku banner image

Touch and Feel Box

Use your sense of touch in this interesting puzzle to figure out what mysterious items are in Touch and Feel Box. Download and play now

PacSci-doku banner image

Memory and Error Recognition

Try the Memory and Error Recognition game to see how memory is used to identify errors in patterns.

PacSci-doku banner image

Don't Let This Get in Your Way

Make an obstacle course and see how fast you can complete it in Don’t Let This Get in Your Way.

abstract golf ball going into a hole

Home Mini Golf

Make a mini-golf course using everyday household items then tee off with friends and family in Home Mini Golf.

abstract image of children racing

Ready, Set, Don't Run!

Get ready for a race, but not any race! Find ways to get to the finish line in Ready, Set, Don’t Run!

PacSci-doku banner image


Do you like solving word puzzles? Take a science quiz and play PacSci-Doku, a science word puzzle that uses letters instead of numbers in the regular soduku. Play now
image of paw print in the snow

Animal Tracks Matching Game

What can animal tracks tell us? Play the Animal Tracks matching game to identify footprints, then make your own tracks. Download the activity
Curiosity at Home spider activity

Test Your Spider Knowledge

Spiders are often seen as scary and are misunderstood. How well do you know spiders? Try the Test Your Spider Knowledge activity. Download the activity

Upcoming Virtual Events

January 2022
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In-Person Activities and Experiences

We’re looking forward to welcoming our guests back to PacSci to enjoy all of our game-related experiences that take place year round.

Tinker Tank

Test hypotheses and create innovations in our hands-on tinkering space that offers daily engineering and design challenges. Learn more.

Teen Programs from Pacific Science Center

Mercer Slough

Explore a biologically diverse 320-acre wetland nature park and Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center in the heart of Bellevue, WA.

Interactive Experience Jam

Game Jam

Watch gamers create new games, learn about the process of creating a game, help play-test the creations, and try the final products. Learn more

Teacher and School Groups Programs from Pacific Science Center

Visit PacSci as a Group

Bring the wonders of our natural world to life for your group. Receive a discount when scheduling a group reservation for 10 or more with advance reservations.
Learn more

Curiosity Expo at Pacific Science Center

Curiosity Expo

Get curious with a these weekend-long events featuring a scientific theme. Curiosity Expos are packed with hands-on activities, demonstrations and discussions. Learn more


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