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Model Railroad Show

Model Railroad Show


All aboard! The Model Railroad Show will be back for its 47th year in 2021!

Meet dozens of model railroaders and experience these magical displays. Railroad Weekend is included with admission and free for members.


Model Railroad Scales and Terms

N scale is 1:160 scale

The second most popular scale in the world today. A very useful scare because you can fit quite a bit of “railroad” in a small amount of “real estate.”


HO scale is 1:87 scale

The most popular scale. There are a wide variety of ready-to-run models as well as detail parts and accessories. It has a convenient size that offers a balance between the smaller and larger scales.


O scale is 1:48 scale

This is by far one of the best scales to model in because of its size. The models are large and easy to handle. They have “heft” which makes them more realistic when operating. Most folks remember their Lionel O27 counterpart, a favorite Christmas present in the 1940-60s.


On 30 scale/gauge is 1:48 scale

However, the track is only a scale 40 inches apart. This is a newer scale/gauge combination. It is becoming more popular due to the detail that can be achieved by the 1:48 scale and the narrow track that the trains are run on. The reason it is a combination scale/gauge is that it is 1:48 scale (O scale) but uses HO scale track which is approximately 30 scale inches from rail to rail.


Modular Layout

This layout has tracks placed at certain locations so that the ends of the tracks will line up with another section. Groups of individuals usually build a section of a modular layout at home and then take it to a train show. All the “sections” can be put together to form a large layout.


Sectional Layout

This is simply one that can be disassembled and is not necessarily regulated like a modular layout. These layouts can have tracks at any location and the size of the sections can be any size, therefore, a sectional layout can only be built as one layout.

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