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Startup In Residence

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PacSci is where innovation happens. The Startup in Residence program features the latest innovations from enterprising, local businesses that share our passion for experimentation and curiosity. Each Resident’s inventions opens the door to conversations about the process of developing ground-breaking uses of technology and creating a viable business. See what the future looks like and get inspired!

Try their cutting-edge technology in the fields of entertainment, science education, virtual reality (VR), and more. Become part of the process by collaborating with these pioneering businesses—your feedback helps each startup improve their prototypes!

See and hear about what it’s like to develop new products and get a business off the ground. Learn about new STEM careers, and think about opportunities for the future.

The Hive

Located in the Ackerley Gallery at PacSci, The Hive is a space in PacSci’s Ackerley Gallery that is dedicated to startups and their innovations. It is the office for a Startup in Residence, as well as a demo space where visitors can learn about and experience new technologies. Meet Peeka at The Hive!

The Hive was made possible by First Tech.


Current Residents


Hyperspace creates extended reality, tether free, multi-sensory adventures that include both the experiences themselves and the modular environments. Equipped with a VR headset and backpack, guests walk through another dimension while interacting with physical props that translate into the virtual world. Heat, smells, and vibrations enhance the already immersive experience. Learn about Hyperspace’s work at PacSci to create a sustainable virtual reality business model, guests can test and provide feedback with each new product build. Try one of Hyperspace’s engaging VR Experiences at PacSci today! Learn more

Read about Hyperspace on the PacSci Blog and in Geekwire


Peeka uses VR technology to inspire kids to read and learn. Their headsets combine text and immersive illustrations to transport guests into the pages of books. Peeka’s mission is to give students a boost in reading comprehension through play and active participation and their VR is incorporated into some South Carolina school districts to help with reading aptitude. Peeka is currently working on their fourth book. Learn more

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PopSmartKids is reimagining digital playtime through the educational PopSmartWrite app where children tell stories using interactive design. Combine text, images, and annotations to create science projects, poetry, opinion pieces, narrative stories, digital portfolios, or field day reports. Explore your creativity through this online, collaborative experience that reimagines screen time and the way that kids spend time with digital devices, and turns that into a learning opportunity where kids can develop social and emotional skills through storytelling.

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Past Residents

Curio Interactive

Curio Interactive uses a combination of physical and digital learning to engage people with science.  People can draw their own science lessons using a special interface, and then bring those illustrations to life with the “magic” lens.  Users can reveal things like skeletal structures and muscles within their drawings, and even play a game with their art! Curio received a lot of guest feedback during their tenure at PacSci, which helped them refine their ideas. Learn more

Read about Curio Interactive on the PacSci Podcast and in Geekwire


fearless360 is a women-led, community-building organization that connected PacSci to empathy driven VR experiences like The Machine to be Another & Tree. They also demonstrated how to utilize the space in Building 4 for special events and paved the way for PacSci to meet other VR innovators. Read more on the PacSci Blog


VRMicrotheaters began with the film The Click Effect created by Sandy Smolan and James Nestor, and later spawned into a business idea when discovering ways to bring it into a virtual experience for guests at PacSci. Field work, prototyping, and guest feedback all happened at the Science Center, and later VRMicrotheaters became one of the earliest businesses offering high throughput VR with quality content. They have created one of the few enduring solutions for institutions like science centers to showcase the latest and most impactful VR content. Learn more