PacSci Happy Hour - Virtual Planetarium - June 11, 2020

Happy Hour: Virtual Planetarium

Ever wanted to sip under the stars?

Join PacSci as we bring our virtual planetarium and solar specialists straight to your home. During this free livestream event, learn the science of the sky as our experts Marshall “Moosh” Styczinski, Katy K., and Sarah Wyer take you on a visual journey through constellation and planet mythology.

Travel out of this world while you drink and discover the night sky during this after-hours event.

Registered participants will receive a link to the livestream via email on the day of the event.

About the Hosts

Marshall “Moosh” Styczinski is a PhD student at University of Washington. He studies the ways Jupiter interacts with its moon, Europa, so we can know more about the ocean it hides beneath its icy shell. Moosh is fascinated by Europa’s ocean, because exploring Europa might be the first place we discover life beyond Earth!

Katy K. is one of our Lead Performer Science Educators here at the science center. She normally can be found in our planetarium, tide pool exhibit, or live science stage. She is excited to bring the planetarium to your virtually to explore our nighttime sky and beyond!

Sarah Wyer is our Digital Specialist at PacSci. She has a Masters in Folklore Studies and was raised by a Classicist, so she grew up with Greco-Roman myths as bedtime stories. During elementary school, teachers did not appreciate Sarah regaling her classmates with the darker, bleaker stories and she was often put in time outs. She cannot wait to talk about the mythos behind the night sky!

Livestream Information

This event will be livestreamed through PacSci’s YouTube Channel. Advanced registration is required, and the link to the livestream will be sent out via email on the day of the event.

Cost: Free / $10 suggested donation

Recommended Ages: 21+

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June 11th Planetarium Registration

Registration for this event will close at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 11th
This event has a suggested donation of $10, but feel free to donate at any amount you are comfortable with!
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