Seven different moons

Mysterious Moons (Best for Grades K-5)

Take a trip to some of the mysterious moons across our solar system as we explore their unique landscapes of lava and ice. Search for deep craters, ancient volcanoes and icy oceans in our virtual planetarium and create a drawing of your very own moon with all your favorite features.

Practice your backyard astronomy skills by observing Earth’s moon over time and exploring what causes the changing phases of our lunar satellite. Learn some of the many ways people have been using moon observations for thousands of years!

Suggested materials for this program include:

  • A round object you can hold in the palm of your hand, such as a tennis ball or apple
  • A bright light source such as a lamp without a lamp shade, or flashlight propped on a table
  • Science notebook or paper
  • Coloring utensils

This program will be delivered via Zoom. During the program you are welcome to have your camera either on or off. We ask that you keep your microphone off unless called upon to share by a PacSci educator, but are welcome to interact via the Zoom chat and reactions features at any time.

The Zoom link will be open 5 minutes prior to the program start time, and tips for using Zoom will be shared at the start of the program.

Pacific Science Center relies on the support of the community, especially now. We are still serving the community with Curiosity at Home, and other programs that we can deliver digitally, like this one. But we need your help to do it. Please donate today.

Recommended Ages: Grades K–5

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March 31, 2022


6:30 pm - 7:15 pm