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PreK Virtual Curiosity Lab: Sensational Senses

Smell it, touch it, see it, taste it and hear it! Explore the five senses with us in this online interactive show. Put your taste buds to the test, make “scents” of mysterious odors, open your eyes to illusions and more.

PreK Virtual Curiosity Labs ignite curiosity and build excitement for science in your earliest learners with this age-appropriate live science program. Each week explores a different theme, and over the summer your little learner will explore animals, sail among the stars, and learn about light, color and sound. Activities may include a story time, an up-close look at scientific materials like skulls or lasers, and ideas for activities you can do at home.

Livestream Information

This event will be livestreamed through PacSci’s YouTube page. Advanced registration is required, and the link to the livestream will be sent out via email on the day of the event. The livestream will begin at  9 a.m.

Cost: Free / Suggested Donation, $10

Recommended Ages: PreK learners and their caregivers

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July 30th Curiosity Lab Registration

Registration for this event will close at 8 a.m. on Thursday, July 30th.

This event has a suggested donation of $10, but feel free to donate at any amount you are comfortable with!


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