Exhibits at Pacific Science Center

Ignite Your Curiosity at Pacific Science Center

Explore new and favorite exhibits and experiences at PacSci and ignite your curiosity. There is something new and different everyday with programs, new animals, and rotating shows.

Launch rockets and create electric circuits in Tinker Tank. Immerse yourself in the lush Tropical Butterfly House full of hundreds of beautiful, free-flying tropical butterflies. Enter new realities in our one-of-a-kind VR experiences.

Onsite Operations Update

PacSci is pleased to announce we will soon reopen for the general public.

We will start with the Laser Dome and IMAX® theaters this spring, followed by the reopening of several experiences on campus in July, including the Tropical Butterfly House, Planetarium, Tinker Tank maker space, Live Science Stage, and Dinosaurs. We will also be serving thousands of young scientists through in-person and virtual camps this summer. We look forward to welcoming the community back to the Pacific Science Center campus.

Featured Experiences

Be Curious. Experience innovation at PacSci.


Connect with local changemakers, see developments as they unfold, and be among the first to try experimental and emerging technologies, all fall long. Catch what’s now and what’s next before it’s gone!
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Summer of Games key art

Summer of Games

Curiosity levels up at the PacSci Summer of Games. Solve, strategize, work together, and go deep into the science of play, all summer long.

Uncovering Reality

In a data-driven world we rely on charts and graphs to help us make sense of the information that shapes our reality, but which are trustworthy? Check out this virtual exhibit, created by PacSci with the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, to learn more about some of the common ways data visualizations can be accidentally distorted or intentionally manipulated and why that matters. View the virtual exhibit.

Facts In the Time of COVID-19

During a pandemic it’s more important than ever to avoid falling for or spreading misinformation and disinformation. But with so much new and changing information, how do you know what to trust? PacSci has teamed up with the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public to help you navigate COVID-19 and the 24-hour news cycle. Learn more.

Earth Day 2020


Curiosity springs to life at PacSci. Get to know your fellow Earth inhabitants, from butterflies to Naked Mole Rats. Discover new ways to celebrate our remarkable home, Earth.
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Girl working on a science project

Curiosity at Home

Ignite your curiosity at home with streaming live science shows, hands-on STEM activities, tutorials, interviews, and more. These educational activities and resources are for all ages of learners. Learn more.

Curiosity Never Closes: Support PacSci

While we undergo our renewal, we are still serving the community. We depend on support from you.

Featured Exhibits

We Are Data

Explore data, a large often technical topic, through a more personal lens.
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Tinker Tank

Test your hypotheses and create your own innovations.
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VR Experiences

Try an awe-inspiring collection of immersive, VR experiences.
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Tropical Butterfly House

Enjoy year-round sunshine and hundreds of butterflies from the tropics.
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Wellbody Academy

Discover how personal choices affect health and well being.
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Living Exhibits

From Naked Mole Rats to Civilized Seeds, see our rare animals and plants.
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The Studio: Science in Action

Learn about data, where it comes from, and what happens after it’s collected.
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Portal to Current Research

Explore a rotating showcase of local scientists’ advances in current research.
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Science On a Sphere at Pacific Science Center

Science On a Sphere

See dynamic, animated images of the earth on a six-foot illuminated sphere.
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Naked Mole Rat Cam

Meet our Naked Mole Rat colony during your visit or watch them on our Naked Mole Rat Cam.
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More Exhibits

Body Works

Test your reaction time. See how much energy you produce on the Calorie Bicycles. Play games in the Nutrition Cafe and other interactive exhibits. Body Works is all about you.

Just for Tots

An area for the smallest scientists! Experiment with water at the stream table and more.

Sonic Bloom

Just outside the Boeing IMAX Theater, Sonic Bloom is a solar-powered art installation created in collaboration with Seattle City Light. Sonic Bloom is accessible 24 hours a day, no ticket required.

Pollinator Garden

Look for local hummingbirds, butterflies, beetles, and bumblebees while learning about pollination. More than 50 species of Washington-native plants provide food and habitat for pollinators that visit Pacific Science Center’s grounds.

Civilized Seeds: A History of People and Plants

Meet plants that produce apples, hops, tea, spices, blue dye, aspirin, paper, and other useful products. Discover how people have chosen plant traits throughout history.

Puget Sound Model

Explore the science of northwest Washington’s largest and ecologically diverse estuary, the Puget Sound. See real tides and currents in action at the 100 sq. ft. scale model of the sound.

Science Playground

How does an electric motor work? What does a gyroscope do? Who wins the bubble race? Find the answers to these questions and more in the Science Playground.

Outdoor Exhibits

Spin a two-ton granite ball with your bare hands, play with water cannons or walk in the giant water wheel in Water Works. Nearby, ride the High Rail Bicycle 15 ft. above the ground — on a rail only one inch wide! Open seasonally, weather permitting.

Saltwater Tide Pool

See and touch live Puget Sound animals in the saltwater tide pool.

Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time

Travel back to in time to meet dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era, stand in the footprint of a giant duckbill dinosaur and take control of the Pneumoferrosaurus to see how animatronic dinosaurs work.

Accessibility at PacSci

Pacific Science Center is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive space for all people, and is dedicated to offering accessibility for all our guests and making your visit both comfortable and memorable.