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Living Exhibits at Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center is home to a variety of creatures from Naked Mole Rats to snakes to insects.

Our living exhibits allow guests to explore the stories the natural world has to share. Glimpse into the lives of our axolotls or Naked Mole Rats, hold a hissing cockroach, or observe an active bee hive.


Naked Mole Rats

Meet our Naked Mole Rat colony during your visit. Watch them exercise on their climbing ramp, rest in their sleeping chamber, and go about the tasks of cleaning and gathering food. Then keep up with their daily lives with our 24×7 Naked Mole Rat Cam.

Tropical Butterfly House

Tropical Butterfly House

Take a trip to the tropics without leaving Seattle! Step into our lush Tropical Butterfly House filled with a variety of planets and butterflies native to tropical climates. New butterflies are released each week.

Pollinator Garden

Pollinator Garden

Enjoy a year-round educational garden on your way to see an IMAX movie. More than 50 species of Washington-native plants provide food and habitat for the local hummingbirds, butterflies, beetles, and bumblebees that visit Pacific Science Center’s grounds.

Salt Water Tide Pool

Discover and explore marine life that lives in tide pools at local beaches. Learn about these local residents while seeing how they act and what they feel like. 


Animals at PacSci



Slithery snakes, bold and timid turtles. Learn what makes reptiles special, and find out about our foster animals available for adoption through Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society.


Can you tell which one is a stick insect and which is a stick? Find the queen bee among the workers. Meet mealworms that also eat plastic. Watch a cockroach shed her skin, plus many other cool insects, spiders and their kin.


These rare and special amphibians never come out of the water. They breathe through their gills and find food in their lake homes. Critically endangered in the wild, they do well in captivity and are cherished by scientists for their ability to regrow damaged body parts.


Plants at PacSci


Civilized Seeds

Stroll through our historic courtyard, designed by Minoru Yamasaki for the 1962 world’s fair. There you will meet plants that humans have cultivated for food, medicine and other products. Discover how people have chosen plant traits throughout history.

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