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Our Plentiful Planet

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Naked Mole Rat

What do you, a pine tree, and a fish all have in common?

You’re all the result of reproduction.

Can you name a plant that doesn’t grow from seeds? What about an animal that doesn’t need a mate? When you think of an egg, how many different images come to mind?

In Our Plentiful Planet, we celebrate the endless diversity of Earth’s species and highlight the unique reproduction methods of our own Living Exhibits collection.

Throughout the exhibit, you may spot our insects mating, mate guarding, or even competing for mating rights! You can observe three different stick insect species with three different reproductive strategies.

Find out which of our animals has a mating ritual that’s been compared to hula dancing and which likes having plants around to set the mood.

During your visit, we invite you to color in an iguana and a painted bunting with flashy hues to help them attract mates. Or you might prefer exploring the sexual-social politics of naked mole rats – with controlling queens and adventurous rebels, their society is the Game of Thrones of the animal world.

How does your garden grow? Any way it can, it turns out.

You can observe orchids and air plants and learn about their unique methods for ensuring reproductive success. Get to know the mother-of-millions, a plant that grows tiny babies all over its leaves.

If you’re a frequent visitor, keep an eye on the mustard plant to see if you can witness its entire lifecycle.

How many different organisms will you spot reproducing on our nurse log (a beautiful microcosm that thrives in the Pacific Northwest)?

Our Plentiful Planet is the fourth in a series of rotating Living Exhibits stories that invite you to zoom in on the natural world and make new observations about familiar organisms.