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What is Reality

What is Reality is a series of evolving experiences that prompt us to think about what’s “real.” Challenge your perceptions while exploring a broad variety of mind-bending topics alongside scientists and innovators who are shaping the future.

Experiences are constantly rotating and evolving as they highlight immersive and innovative technologies.


Featured Experiences

Drip Sculpture

Light and sound merge in this new sculpture by local artist, Robb Kunz. Water “drops” from the sculpture, sending ripples of waves and sound through space. Read about this installation in the PacSci Blog. Located in Building 4. Included with general admission.

Uncovering Reality

In a data-driven world we rely on charts and graphs to help us make sense of the information that shapes our reality, but which are trustworthy? Check out this virtual exhibit, created by PacSci with the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, to learn more about some of the common ways data visualizations can be accidentally distorted or intentionally manipulated – and why that matters. View the virtual exhibit


Intro to VR

New to the VR scene? Try out Intro to VR. Every day we will offer a rotating set of experiences that demonstrate the diverse, captivating and often times magical possibilities of VR as an immersive technology–all in bite sized chunks. Intro to VR is included with admission and no ticket is required. Please sign up for experiences  in Lower Building 4. Ages 6 and up required.


Additional Experiences

Here is a sample of the types of questions raised and activities to take part in throughout the Science Center:

  • A Rock with a Reputation: Go ahead, Google the Coso Artifact. Now come see the real thing at PacSci.
  • Augmented Reality on the Big Screen: These experiences rotate, and currently showing are Light Writing and Astronauts, Dinosaurs, and Droids, Oh My!
  • Breaking Bias: If our beliefs form our reality, then each person’s reality is different and constantly changing. What does that look like in day-to-day life? Guests speak up in this contributed experience.
  • Color and Light: This color wall is a cool selfie spot: the actual colors remain the same despite what your brain tells you. Truth.
  • The Future Machine: A merger of old and new, familiar and alien, this art piece heralds the role of creativity and collaboration in determining the shape of our future, brought to PacSci by Electric Coffin.
  • Impossible Triangle: A simple interactive that’s all about your point of view.
  • The Mirror Path: When your brain has to re-figure how to do an activity like walking the results can be surprising and surprisingly silly.
  • Shades of Reality: Remember that internet dress? The one that still sparks arguments about color? Shadows and light help us understand shapes and colors but what happens when they are positioned in unfamiliar ways?
  • Recalling Reality: Test your memory to find out how imperfect our recall can be! “Do I know you?” will make you think about the accuracy of eye-witness testimony.
  • Self Reflected: A new technique called reflective micro-etching enabled these scientist-artists to create a view of the brain that provides an intimate look at the beauty of consciousness.
  • Swinging Stripes: Our brains constantly use sensory feedback to interpret the physical reality around us. What happens when your brain is tricked?
  • Through your Eyes: A rotating series displaying opinions from our guests on everything from “What makes something alive?” to “What’s the most important invention in the history of humankind?”



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Explore New Virtual Worlds

Explore New Virtual Worlds

Take a selfie on the moon, visit with penguins, and more during our newest virtual reality experiences. PacSci’s offerings are changing this summer.

PacSci Podcast: Taking VR To The Next Level

PacSci Podcast: Taking VR To The Next Level

In recent months, Pacific Science Center has been focused on what we call our What Is Reality effort...a new set of experiences that highlight immersive technologies...that's virtual reality, augmented reality, and so on. We've teamed up with local startups,...

Artful Spaces

Artful Spaces

Discover Pacific Science Center’s Artist Living Studio space in Building 4, where four local artists are participating in our pilot Artist in Residence program.

A New Building 4

A New Building 4

In Pacific Science Center’s Upper Building 4, you can watch the world change in the blink of a T-rex eye.

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