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Enter the Fourth Dimension. Try Virtual Reality.

Incredible VR experiences happening now at PacSci.

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Try our awe-inspiring collection of immersive experiences where you’ll have to see, feel and even smell (yes, smell) to believe. Each VR experience represents an astounding marriage of technology, art and storytelling, and is changing the landscape of reality as we know it.

Visit the 4th Dimension in Building 4 and enter realities that you have never experienced before. Tickets are timed and prices vary. Some age restrictions apply.

Hyperspace: Local Startup Virtual Reality Experience at PacSci

Expedition Titan

Be the first to try Expedition Titan, a cutting edge VR experience, while also helping and giving feedback to one of our Startups in Residence, Hyperspace. Titan is currently in beta 0.2, a high-end beta version. Beta testing is a process companies go through to refine a product (usually software) after all the major development has been completed and larger issues have been fixed. Be part of this stage of the development process; your participation is needed to identify any additional flaws, glitches or enhancements. 

Embark on a tour in space to visit Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Explore Immersion Stations, go inside a cryovolcano, and see beautiful views in this yet-to-be-explored place. Members, $12 / General Public, $15.

Ages 10 and up required

Life of Us: Virtual Reality Experience at PacSci

Intro to VR

New to the VR scene? Try out our Intro to VR Cart. Every day we will offer a rotating set of experiences that demonstrate the diverse, captivating and often times magical possibilities of virtual reality as an immersive technology – all in bite sized chunks. No ticket required, sign up directly at the cart in Lower Building 4. This is a free experience.

Ages 6 and up required

Hyperspace: Local Startup Virtual Reality Experience at PacSci

What is Reality

A new set of evolving experiences that focus on a broad variety of mind-bending topics alongside scientists and innovators who are shaping the future. Learn more

These are just a few of the many experiences that will be rotating through Building 4. Visit and discover them all.

Learn more about two of our newest virtual reality experiences in this quick PacSci Podcast:

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