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We Are Data

Opens December 14, 2019

Do you think of yourself as a data collector? Can you name all the kinds of data you collect?

At its simplest, data is information that is collected for use. Explore this large, often technical topic through a more personal lens in We Are Data. The exhibit asks us to think about how much of our day is spent collecting data, how these data collections make our lives easier, and how the kinds of data you collect make you unique.  

At the heart of the exhibit is a curated digital experience created by local design firm Schema. As you share your opinions about essential Pacific Northwest topics, a unique shape forms onscreen, representing your data. Guests can choose to add their shape to the interactive, where it joins others on a projection showing all participants’ answers to important local questions, such as, “But really – what is Sasquatch?” Investigate the dataset in comparative visualizations, which updates after each entry. 

As you re-envision your personal relationship with data, share what kinds of data are meaningful to you on a giant magnetic poetry board in the exhibit. Use conversation cards to ask your friends provocative questions about data and privacy. Test each other’s knowledge of online data usage and have meaningful conversations about information and security in the technical age. 

Once you’ve explored the whole exhibit,you may be surprised to find your understanding of data has expanded!

We Are Data is included with general admission. 

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