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Science On Wheels – Fairs & Festivals

Science On Wheels – Fairs & FestivalsEnhance your fair or festival with Pacific Science Center’s Science On Wheels! We travel to communities across the Pacific Northwest building excitement for science, technology, engineering, and math. Programs can be booked individually or combined for a more wide-ranging experience. Additional programs may also be available, including workshops, booth activities and more. 


Enhance your fair or festival this summer with our live shows and interactive exhibits, like Harvesting Science, which focuses on how science and agriculture go hand in hand. Choose one or a combination of the following:

Science Shows

40-minute live science shows present scientific content and methods in a compelling and fun presentation. Audience participation and giant props make science pop with excitement.


  • Local programs in King, Pierce & Snohomish counties: $500 per show, $250 per additional show
  • Regional programs outside of King, Pierce & Snohomish counties: $725 per show, $250 per additional show

Choose from the following shows:

Fossil Time
Dig into the past with Fossil Time. Learn how fossils form and how radioactivity reveals their age. Tour the fossil record and discover the earliest known living things. It’s Fossil Time!

Explore the many ways we use numbers, shapes, probability and measurement every day and how we would be lost without them. This interactive show uses volunteers, games and a thrilling chemical reaction to demonstrate that math truly is a blast.

Radical Reactions
Heat! Light! Gas! Color change! See our presenter throw fire and create rainbows as you investigate the properties of chemical reactions in this lively and fact-filled show.

SENSE-ational Science
Explore your fabulous five senses! Put your taste buds to the test, make “scents” of mysterious odors, open your eyes to illusions and more! Geared toward audiences Pre-K-2. A controlled fire demonstration (optional) is included in this show; call to learn more. Controlled fire demonstrations require a ceiling height of at least 12 feet.

Super Cool Science Show
Discover what happens when things get super cool with liquid nitrogen! Watch as gases become liquids, liquids become solids and matter fizzes, freezes and flies.

Volts and Jolts
Electricity is illuminated in a series of shocking experiments! Explore the properties of electricity with our hair-raising Van de Graaff Generator and Tesla Coil.


  • Large area such as a gym or multipurpose room
  • A stage or performance area
  • Two large tables for presenter(s)
  • Access to water and electricity
  • Access to a sound system, if available
  • Many shows must be performed inside; call (206) 443-2925 for more information
Exhibit Sets

Transform any large room into a mini Science Center! These hands-on science exhibit sets are designed to be an engaging science playground for all participants.


  • Local programs in King, Pierce & Snohomish counties: $500 for 3 hours
  • Regional programs outside of King, Pierce & Snohomish counties: $725 for 3 hours

Choose from the following topics:

  • Blood & Guts* (Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Brain Power (Neuroscience)
  • Engineering*
  • Harvesting Science* (Agriculture)
  • Mathfinder*
  • Physics On Wheels*
  • Rock and Roll* (Geology)
  • Space Odyssey* (Astronomy)

*Exhibits in English and Spanish


  • 25ft x 25ft covered area
  • 10-12 large tables (without chairs)
  • Access to electricity for most exhibit sets

Bring our inflatable planetariums to your location for an astronomical show! Planetariums can be booked for a three-hour period with flexible scheduling for all ages and group sizes. Planetarium shows are a live experience facilitated by Science On Wheels educators.


  • Local programs in King, Pierce & Snohomish counties: $500 per show, $125 per additional show
  • Regional programs outside of King, Pierce & Snohomish counties: $725 per show, $125 per additional show

Customized Planetarium Shows
Customized Planetarium Shows allow for flexibility in the length and content of each show for various audiences. Our Science On Wheels Educators can tailor shows for families, high school classes, and adults.


  • 30 participants maximum
  • Large indoor space such as a gym or multipurpose room, planetarium dimensions are 25ft x 25ft x 12ft
  • Due to noise, this area cannot be used for other activities during planetarium workshop(s)
  • At least one staff member or adult must be present
  • Access to electricity
  • If any participants in your group have accessibility requirements, please let us know so we may provide reasonable accommodations.

Financial assistance may be available for qualifying organizations. Please inquire when you complete the program request form above, or email