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Science Communication Fellowship

Since 2007, Pacific Science Center’s core Portal to the Public effort, the Science Communication Fellowship Program, has provided local STEM-based professionals with training and ongoing opportunities to engage with the public about their work.

Who can be a Science Communication Fellow?
Any individual who holds a bachelor’s degree, uses STEM in their work, and is located in the Puget Sound region is eligible to apply. We have trained Fellows from many academic, research, government, and industry organizations.

What do Science Communication Fellows do?
Fellows begin by taking a multi-week Science Communication Course to improve their skills in effectively engaging public audiences. This course:

  • Offers practice in techniques for discussing complex topics
  • Helps to refine key messages related to each Fellow’s area of expertise
  • Supports the development of hands-on activities related directly to each Fellow’s area of work

After completing the course, Fellows participate in public engagement programs at Pacific Science Center, including Meet a Scientist.

Why should I become a Science Communication Fellow?
By facilitating science-oriented interactions with the public, Fellows put a face on science and provide an opportunity for interaction that many guests cannot otherwise access. In addition, many participants find it fun and personally rewarding to share their excitement about science with diverse audiences. Participation in public programming also fulfills broader impacts components of many grants, and the skills gained in the course can benefit communicative effectiveness in a variety of professional contexts.

How do I become a Science Communication Fellow?
New Fellows are accepted through a competitive application process two to three times per year. In general, we welcome applications from any eligible STEM-based professional. Occasionally, acceptance is limited by research topic and/or institutional affiliation due to funding arrangements. Any such restrictions are clearly listed on the application for a cohort.

Tuition for the science communication course is $2,000 and is typically paid with funds from the participant’s employer, department, or lab. If you need information to include in a request for such funding, please contact Partial or full scholarships are sometimes available.

Are there other ways to experience this training?
Yes, we offer custom workshops for groups interested in developing their skills without the full Science Communication Fellowship commitment.

Click here to view an informational flyer about the Science Communication Fellowship. For any questions or to be informed about future application cycles, please contact


“I think that nearly every aspect of the course is applicable, helpful, and relevant to other areas of my life. As a scientist, member of the public, student, and teacher, communication skills and awareness are essential to my role.”

“I joined [the Science Communication Fellowship] almost 10 years ago, under a sense of duty to ensure my field was represented at the event the training was connected to. Little did I know just how much fulfillment and enjoyment I would obtain from being a Fellow. It will make you more excited about your work. The enthusiasm is infectious. Being part of the Science Fellows has lead to multiple opportunities that I could have never predicted and put my career on a much more fruitful path.”


Currently Active Science Communication Fellows

Volunteering since…

Peter Murphy

Erika Harnett

John Jansen

Ivonne Oritz
Troy Buckley

Angela Katsuyama
Eric Kunze
Jill Johnsen
Regina Carns
Siva Kasinathan
Susan Fung

Donna Shows

Alexandra Kazaks
Amanda Woodward Davis
Jenna Sullivan
Laura Taylor
Matt Tilley
Pete Amos

Andrea Lim
Atom Lesiak
Brittany Whitley
Cecilia Noecker
Debby Higginbotham
Gus Gustafson
Heather Herd Gustafson
Jason Webster
Jennifer Fox
Jennifer Whitesell
Justine Levan
Kaitlyn Casimo
Kristin Anderson
Laura Gaydos
Mary Young
Stephanie Bucks
Vega Shah
Zina Rutnam

Amy Brodbeck
Brett Morris
Christopher Monson
Emily Hemann
Jamie Goodson
Katie Fellows
Katrin Hollinger
Laura Green
Michelle Tigchelaar
Nile Wilson
Raabya Rossenkhan
Rachel Shaffer
Rebekah Petroff
Terry Stevens-Ayers

Adrian Down
Alex Lincoln
Beth Mundy
Blair Debuysscher
Chase Dowling
Christina Jones
Christina Lopez
Cimarron Wortham
Delwin Elder
Elisa Bonnin
Elizabeth Kwan
Erik Goosmann
Eva Ma
Gabe Murphy
Gaby Tosado
Jess Fagerstrom
Jodi Downs
Jonathan Cheng
Josh Krissansen-Totton
Karla-Luise Herpoldt
Kristin Hultgren
Lauren Kang
Lindsey Kishline
Maria Viitaniemi
Marshall Styczinski
Martin Mathay
Michelle Chow
Nancy Hom
Nick Montoni
Nika Hajari
Nivii Kalavakonda
Parisa Hosseinzadeh
Payel Chatterjee
Rae Eaton
Ray Sanchez
Ron Hause
Ruth Thomas
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Myhre
Suzanne McDermott
Una Natterman
Will Driscoll
Zin Khaing

Abbie Ganas
Aruna Kamineni
Ashlee Abrantes
Beth Kenkel
Brenda Kessenich
Catherine Sanders
Christine Kang
Courtnie Jean Paschall
Daniel Citron
David Ung
Diana Gergel
Earle Wilson
Elizabeth Crummy
Emma Kahle
Ethan Campbell
Gabriella Reggiano
Gideon Dunster
Greg Kierstead
Hannah Dawson
Hannah Horowitz
Jacob O’Connor
Jared Canright
Kali Esancy
Katie Doroschak
Kristine Deibler
Liz Dawson
Maike Blakely
Melissa MacEwen
Natalie Jones
Nihit Pokhrel
Rachel Kinzelman
Robert Levine
Sundipta Rao
Taylor Stepien
Zachary Cohen

Adam Isabella
Alexandria Brannick
Alisha Mendonsa
Brooke Prieskorn
Cecilia Johnson
Claire McKinley
Emily Norton
Gabriel Pratt
Jana Meixnerova
Johanna Goldman
Josephine Rapp
Julieta Martinelli
Katie Jewett
Madison Smith
Mattias Cape
Mira Sytsma
Samantha Phan
Tanya Brown
Taryn Black
Whitney Teagle
Zac Cooper

Science Communication Fellowship Alumni

Katie Adamson
Ethan Ahler
Matthew Alkire
Ethan Allen
Salwa Al-Noori
Elena Amador
Christina Arens
Orr Ashenberg
Lara Backman
Katie Baker
Pamela Baker
Leah Bakst
Josh Bandfield
Shoshanna Barnett
Karlyn Beer
Kristin Beima-Sofie
Anna Boardman
Jeff Bowman
Angie Boysen
Jacquelyn Braggin
Greg Brennan
Matt Brodsky
Aaron Brooks
Agata Budzillo
Karin Bumbaco
Esra Camci
Karen Cameron
Michael Canino
Leslie Carranza
Michele Cash
Anna Cavender
Greg Cherryholmes
Corey Clemons
Brian Connelly
Jason Conner
Laura Cooney
Hannah Cox
Stuart Davidson
Liting Deng
Brad Dickerson
Kyla Drushka
Colleen Durkin
Samuel Entwisle
Marcela Ewert
Tyanne Faulkes
Wambura Fobbs
Alison Fohner
Heather Fowler
Gina Fridley
Allison Fundis
Jabier Gallego
Sheila Ganti

Molly Gasperini
Philia Gau
Terri Gilbert
Rachel Gittelman
Naomi Goldenson
Adam Gordon
Betsy Gray
Sharon Greenblum
Anna Greenwood
Eliezer Gurarie
Kristen Haberthur
Meghan Halabisky
Ruth Hall Sedlak
Drew Hamilton
David Hamm
Mark Hanke
Michael Hay
Ian Haydon
Michelle Hays
D. Michael Heinekey
Jennifer Hempelmann
Daniel Ramirez Hernandez
Paul Hezel
Eric Hilton
Kimberly Hofmeyer
Francesca Holme
Carly Holstein
Rachel Horak
Kathleen Huybers
Aiva Ievins
Stefanie Iverson Cabral
Kyle Jacoby
Cyan James
ChuanLi Jiang
Celeste Johanson
Carrie Johnson
Jillian Johnson
Karen Junge
Bob Kao
Craig Kastelle
Ariah Kidder
Michael Kimbro
Peter Kirchgessner
Dan Kluskiewicz
Kristina Knesting
Seth Koenig
Kristian Kofoed

Emily Krogstad
Nadia Kulshina
Lisa Ann Lai
Kristin Laidre
Piero Lamelza
Kevin Larson
Rob Lawrence
Allison Lee
Jin Lee
Mitchell Lee
Amanda Leonti
Mira Leslie
Vivian Leung
Becky Lewis
Bonnie Light
Soyeon Lippman
Camille Lique
Jenny Lohmiller
Danielle Lozier
Bradley MacLeod
Ross Maddox
Sukh Makhnoon
Sarah Malmquist
Torge Martin
Laura Martinez
Julie Mason
Andrew Mathewson
Guillaume Mauger
Denise McKelvey
James Meabon
Indira Medina
Traci Mikasa
Alexander Miller
Jerry Milstein
Rachel Mitchell
Kristen Mittelsteadt
Twila Moon
Valerie Morris
Alexandre Neves
Shannon Newman
Thanh Nguyen
Tyler Nicholas
Molly Ohainle
Anja Ollodart
Homira Osman
Sergey Ovchinnikov
Christina Owen
Biswajit Paul
Thomas Paulson
Braulio Peguero
Cecilia Peralta Ferriz
Eve Perara
Sarah Pickett
Chris Plaisier
Simina Popa
Dina Popovkina
Giora Proskurowski
Sara Reardon
Ignatius Rigor
Frances Rivera-Hernandez

David Roach
Marilyn Roberts
Tyler Robinson
Elizabeth Rosino
Josh Russell
Brandon Sack
Luis Saraiva
Lauren Saunders
Laura Schlenke
Cody Schlenker
Axel Schweiger
Elizabeth Seilie
Alyssa Sheih
Avery Shinneman
Steven Sholes
Max Showalter
Zac Simon
Anna Simpson
Sonia Singhal
Larissa Singletary
Tracey Smart
Benjamin Smith
Megan Smith
Corey Snelson
Eugenie Song
Rachel Spietz
Megan Stachura
Bethany Stackhouse
Tammy Stawicki
Christopher Stevens
Thomas Stoklasek
Amy Stone
Lauren Summers
Vasudha Sundaravaradan
Earl Sylvain
Rory Telemeco
Yeung Tutterrow
Leah VandenBosch
Jake VanderPlas
Carmella Vizza
Lisa Voelker
Jens von der Linden
Cristina Walcher-Chevillet
Sarah Waldherr
Dilys Walker
Elly Walsh
Brian M.  Wasko
Nic Wayand
Chris Weber
Nicholas Weber
Melinda Webster
Brittany Weldon
Mark Wensnahan
Jennifer Whiddon
Carl Wigren
Katherine Williams
Emily Wing
James Wu
Elisabeth Wurtmann
Xiaolan Xu
Yunqi Yan
Naomi Yode
Joseph Zhou