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Field Trip Registration Form

Please fill out the information below and we will help you plan your field trip to Pacific Science Center.

Please note this is for planning purposes only and submitting this form does not guarantee a visit date or program reservation. Once submitted, a member of our Education Registration team will follow up with you by phone or email to confirm a visit date and program schedule. Your reservation will not be confirmed until you receive a reservation confirmation email.

Are you an out-of-state school, summer camp, after school program, or childcare center? If so, please request your visit through our Group Sales Department.

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  • We have limited funding available for scholarships and awards are made based on a school’s free and reduced lunch rate. Are you interesting in applying for a scholarship?
  • The Seattle Rotary Discovery Labs are no longer available for storage and lunches. We have a temporary lunch space available with limited capacity and availability. This temporary lunch space needs to be booked at the time of your reservation and is subject to availability. There are other lunch areas available that do not require a reservation. These areas include: Sack Lunch Tent, the upper and lower Courtyards or the Seattle Center Armory. When possible, we recommend that you eat lunch before/after your visit to Pacific Science Center and leave all backpacks and other bags in your vehicles. Would you like to reserve a time in the temporary lunch space?
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Payment for a field trip to Pacific Science Center is due a week before your scheduled visit. For pricing information, please check our field trips page or call (206) 443-2925. Office hours are Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.