Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

A partnership with the City of Bellevue, offering nature-based programs for all ages.

Lake Washington Watershed Internship Program

The Lake Washington Watershed Internship is a year-long program at Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center that assists teens in becoming informed stewards of their local community through mentoring, hands-on learning, habitat restoration and stream monitoring. Youth gain a greater understanding of the world around them while developing teaching and presentation skills, mentoring elementary-aged students about their local environment, gaining critical scientific skills and obtaining job experience.

As a Lake Washington Watershed Intern, youth have the opportunity to explore their local environment through outdoor experiences such as hiking and canoeing. They also become leaders of long-term natural history, environmental science research and community outreach projects. Interns can participate in the program for up to three years and may be eligible to earn skill badges and college credit through the internship program. For questions, call (425) 450-0207 or email

Our internship year begins in late September and ends the following June. Interested youth are encouraged to submit an application or contact us throughout the year. Download Application

To learn more about the program we call LWWIP – El Whip, listen to the following PacSci Podcast:


Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center