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Science in the City Lectures
Science is everywhere in Seattle, there’s no question about that. Keep up with the latest scientific trends, topics and research happening literally in our backyard at Pacific Science Center’s new lecture series, Science in the City Lectures.

Each month, join Pacific Science Center for a discussion on current science topics and research from leading, local organizations that dives into topics that affect our community. At the Science in the City Lectures, seize the opportunity to join lively conversation with scientists and researchers in Pacific Science Center’s Science Communication Fellowship Program. Each lecture will include a short presentation and moderated question and answer. Periodically, lectures will include special presentations of IMAX documentaries and hands-on activities; be sure to check back for upcoming topics.

Pacific Science Center also offers teen-only programs similar to our Science in the City events. Check out Teen Science Cafés.

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Wednesday, February 15
7 p.m. (Doors open at 6:40 p.m.) | Price: $5 (Free for Members)
Pacific Science Center’s Laser Dome
“It’s 2017. Where’s My Cyborg?”
Kaitlyn Casimo and James Wu, members of the GRID Lab at the University of Washington

Science fiction is littered with brain-computer interfaces, systems so complex and revolutionary that they seem too advanced to ever be mastered. Computers and robots controlled by thought (Iron Man), mainframes that upload (The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell) or wipe memories (Total Recall), even entire prosthetic bodies (Robocop). Fascinatingly, research already exists on how to make these futuristic visions a reality. Neuroscientist Kaitlyn Casimo and neuroengineer James Wu will discuss the challenges and limitations of the current technology in brain-computer interfaces, potential developments in their field, and their favorite sci-fi cyborgs and brain-computer interfaces.

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Tuesday, February 28
7 p.m. (Doors open at 6:40 p.m.) | Price: $5 (Free for Members)
Pacific Science Center’s PACCAR Theater
“One Pathogen At A Time: The Development Of A 10-Minute Test For Infectious Diseases”
Charlie Corredor, Co-founder at Phoresa

An instrument that gives diagnostic results in less than 10 minutes at the doctor’s office? Researcher Charlie Corredor will be discussing nanotechnology and the development of a system that will allow clinicians to diagnose and treat patients with confidence in a single visit.

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