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Butterflies Can Use Your Help In Warm, Dry Weather

Jul 18, 2018

Butterfly Bath

We’ve been getting quite a few calls from people in the Puget Sound area who had to rescue butterflies that flew into swimming pools. With the warm, dry weather we are experiencing, it is likely that these lovely insects came in search of water and got more than they needed.

A good way to provide water for small wildlife like butterflies and other insects is to fill a shallow birdbath with pebbles or sand, with water to about a ¼ inch above the surface. This lets the insect wade in the water and drink it without risk of drowning. As you can see in the photo, any shallow container and a few rocks will do. It can be as elaborate as you want. The insects probably don’t care what it looks like, they just want the water.

As this is being posted, cooler weather has returned to our area. But it’s the middle of summer so we know the heat will return. So help out those smaller creatures that need water as much as we do. And adding a small pool for wildlife will enhance your garden, deck or even balcony.

Sarah Moore is Living Exhibits Manager at Pacific Science Center.