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Fresh Sheet – January 13, 2018

by | Jan 13, 2018

Dryas iulia (Julia Longwing)

Dryas iulia (Julia Longwing)

In this week’s pupae shipment from Suriname we are featuring the graceful Dryas iulia (Julia Longwing). A Neotropical species, Dryas iulia butterflies are now found breeding in the wild in parts of Thailand and Malaysia. The cause of the species invasion has been traced back to the unfortunate practice of releasing non-native butterflies at wedding ceremonies. These Heliconiinae insects are now established in South East Asia and may become a problem for the local crops. In our country, the USDA-APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) has specific rules regarding handling non-native butterflies. That’s why Pacific Science Center guests are always carefully inspected for any “hitchhiker” butterflies before exiting our Tropical Butterfly House. Please visit us soon, enjoy the plants and butterflies but leave only with photographs!

Neotropical Insects NV

40 – Heraclides thoas (Thoas Swallowtail)
30 – Heraclides anchisiades (Ruby-spotted Swallowtail)
20 – Dryas iulia (Julia Longwing)
25 – Agraulis vanilla (Gulf Fritllary)
50 – Catonephele orites (Orange-banded Shoemaker)
50 – Anartia amathea (Scarlet Peacock)
20 – Archeoprepona demophoon (Hubner’s Prepona)
15 – Caligo memnon (Owl Butterfly)
15 – Eryphanis polyxena (Purple Mort Bleu Owl)
15 – Tithorea harmonia (Harmonia Tigerwing)
20 – Morpho achilles (Blue-banded Morpho)

Total = 300

“Fresh Sheet” is our weekly shipment report of pupae on display in the emerging window. Visit Pacific Science Center’s Tropical Butterfly House and meet our newest residents.

These butterflies typically arrive as pupae on the Thursday or Friday before the Fresh Sheet is published. Some of these butterflies will start emerging the day they arrive or the next day, but other species may take a full week before they reach adulthood. After emerging, they may live for a week or even a few months! While we love sharing a variety of species with our guests, we cannot guarantee that any specific species will be flying on the day that you visit Pacific Science Center.

If you are interested in photographing a specific butterfly and would like to be updated about when it is flying in the Tropical Butterfly House, please email with details and your contact information.