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Fresh Sheet – August 18, 2018

by | Aug 18, 2018

Snowberry Checkerspot (Euphydryas chalcedona) found at the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Snowberry Checkerspot (Euphydryas chalcedona) found at the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Do you like to observe butterflies and want to learn more about them? Butterfly watching is a fast growing hobby and our Tropical Butterfly House is a good place to start! Here, guests can become familiar with the major butterfly families and their behaviors indoors, all year round. Then once familiar with butterfly appearances and activity, budding lepidopterists can use their knowledge to watch butterfly outdoors.

You might want to begin with a pair of binoculars, a camera, and a local field guide, and then go on to make a species checklist! Butterfly organizations in your area can help you get started no matter what your age. Because lepidopterists are also conservationists, remember that many of the best places for viewing butterfly species are protected areas. Please do not collect wildlife species without obtaining permission. Observe and enjoy these beautiful creatures with a relaxing hobby that can take you around the world or just to your backyard!

Penang Butterfly Farm

10 – Attacus atlas (Atlas Moth)
10 – Catopsilia pyranthe (Mottled Emigrant)
12 – Catopsilia scylla (Orange Emigrant)
110 – Cethosia cyane (Leopard Lacewing)
7 – Danaus vulgaris (Blue Glassy Tiger)
5 – Hypolimnas bolina (Blue Moon)
50 – Idea leuconoe (Paper Kite)
4 – Lexias dirtea (Archduke)
5 – Papilio memnon (Great Memnon)
92 – Parthenos sylvia (The Clipper)
10 – Precis atlites (Gray Pansy)
85 – Vindula dejone (The Cruiser)

Total = 400

“Fresh Sheet” is our weekly shipment report of pupae on display in the emerging window. Visit Pacific Science Center’s Tropical Butterfly House and meet our newest residents.

These butterflies typically arrive as pupae on the Thursday or Friday before the Fresh Sheet is published. Some of these butterflies will start emerging the day they arrive or the next day, but other species may take a full week before they reach adulthood. After emerging, they may live for a week or even a few months! While we love sharing a variety of species with our guests, we cannot guarantee that any specific species will be flying on the day that you visit Pacific Science Center.

If you are interested in photographing a specific butterfly and would like to be updated about when it is flying in the Tropical Butterfly House, please email with details and your contact information.