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Nemo’s Birthday Greetings

by | Sep 15, 2017

Nemo, the naked mole rat, named for his lucky back leg.

Nemo, the naked mole rat, named for his lucky back leg.

Our naked mole rat colony has many fans. Most of them love the whole colony equally but a few have favorite individuals. Recently, one correspondent sent a charming birthday note to Nemo, a mole rat that she has observed over time via our webcam.

Here is the note, followed by the whimsical reply we penned on behalf of the mole rat, noting how much has happened since his last birthday.

Naked mole rat Queen Ignazia

Naked mole rat Queen Ignazia

Dearest Nemo,

We all wish you to have a marvellous birthday with an extra piece of sweet potato cake and six candles on top. 

Lots of kisses and Mullstupse, Yours Ignazia, naked mole rat queen & the Rainbow Colony from Hamburg,Germany.

Nemo's German fans

Nemo’s German fans

Pacific Science Center is delighted to forward this message from your favorite naked mole rat.

“Dear Queen Ignazia and friends,

Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes. 

This year has been a very busy one in my life. I have eaten lots of vegetables and dug lots of tunnels! But that’s not all. 

I have some new siblings this year. Since my last birthday I also sent my best wishes to some members of my colony who went to Liberty Science Center in New Jersey to found a new colony! Here is their story.

They are doing great. Me, I’m still happy in my Pacific Science Center home surrounded by my relatives, and basking in the occasional fan letter.

Hope all is well with you and your family, Nemo”