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New Exhibit Opens In Our Reception Area

by | Aug 31, 2016

A very small exhibit opened in Pacific Science Center’s reception area recently. The exhibit is titled “Coevolution.” It is common practice for businesses to have plants in their reception areas to create a pleasant, welcoming environment. We saw this as an opportunity to experiment with adding science education content to an unexpected place. Everyone who walks through our reception area will now be greeted with plants that are attractive, living components of an educational exhibit.

People passing through reception quickly may notice Coevolution themed wall panels with engaging imagery and an eye-catching title panel. For those who wait in reception for a few minutes, there is a wall panel defining coevolution and live plants on the table with interesting flowers and leaves. For others who wait five minutes or longer, there are informational cards on the table about the specific coevolutionary traits of the living plants on display.

Coevolution at Pacific Science Center

Coevolution at Pacific Science Center

The exhibit panels and plant information cards are bilingual, in English and Spanish. The text is written for an adult reading level. The plants will rotate seasonally based on when they naturally bloom and leaf. Different plants will show off different coevolutionary traits, and so the informational cards will also rotate to match those traits.

Experience Coevolution the next time you are in Pacific Science Center’s reception area. Please give us any feedback on this experiment.