PacSci Perspectives

RIP Esteban, Our Beloved Boa

Nov 6, 2018

Esteban the Boa

Our boa constrictor Esteban passed away yesterday. Esteban was being seen by the veterinarian for multiple health issues, including an enlarged heart. We were in the process of understanding the root causes of his problem, while simultaneously treating symptoms.

He appeared to be improving with treatment, but took a sudden turn for the worse.

We have requested a necropsy (animal autopsy) from our vet and will make further information available as we get it.

Esteban and his two sisters arrived at Pacific Science Center as young snakes back in 2000. We always knew how old he was because he was whatever year it was old. He performed in many stage shows and was a guest and presentation staff favorite. As he grew older, Esteban was plagued with minor health issues but kept chugging along, outliving his two sisters and ‘retiring’ from shows as his arthritis progressed.

I really thought he would keep going forever; I’ll miss him. An era has ended.