PacSci Perspectives

The Pollinator Garden At Pacific Science Center

by | Jun 23, 2016

The next time you visit Pacific Science Center, take some time to stroll through the Pollinator Garden. Different flowers bloom each month, with unique colors, shapes, and scents to attract and support native pollinators throughout the year. Who knows which pollinators you may see visiting the garden, enjoying the same flowers that you are?

Pacific Science Center staff chose to grow Washington native plants instead of cultivated flowers. Native plants sometimes have unique co-evolutionary relationships with local species of butterfly, bee, or other pollinators.

Once established, most native plants need less water, fertilizer, and pesticide than non-native plants, making them more environmentally friendly to grow. We hope the inspiration from these native plants and pollinators will encourage interest in stewardship of our native ecosystems.

Take photos and feel free to share them with us. Your observations can help us know which pollinator species are active.

The Pollinator Garden was made possible by a grant from the Pendleton and Elisabeth Miller Charitable Foundation that provided the opportunity for the Boeing Courtyard to be renovated and transformed into a living exhibit dedicated to local Seattle pollinators.