Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

Explore this biologically diverse 320-acre wetland nature park in the heart of Bellevue


Onsite Operations Update

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center’s onsite operations are not open to the public. However, we are continuing to serve the community, including offering Virtual Field Trips, while we plan for our renewal.

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Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center is located on a biologically diverse 320-acre wetland nature park in the heart of urban Bellevue, Washington, on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish, Duwamish, and Stillaguamish people. The center is a collaboration between PacSci and the City of Bellevue.


Ways to Experience Mercer Slough

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Attend Camps for Curious Minds

Campers at Mercer Slough experience the wonders of forests, wetlands, and waterways alongside engaging classroom activities. 

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center - Teen Programs

Book a Virtual Field Trip

Embark on virtual hikes and meet live wetland organisms during the Wetland Wonderers or Ecosystem Investigators virtual field trips, based on the wetland ecology at Mercer Slough.

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center - Family & Group Programs

Visit Mercer Slough Nature Park

Walk the trails, visit the blueberry farm, and launch non-motorized boats at Sweyolocken boat launch, and explore year-round City of Bellevue educational programming at this public park, open to all!


Additional Information

Mercer Slough
1625 118th Avenue SE
Bellevue, WA 98005


The Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center has a parking lot onsite. People can park there for 2 hours or less. If the parking lot is full, please park along 118th Ave SE. Directions, transportation, and parking flier.


Mercer Slough is an ADA accessible site. There is an accompanying ramp or elevator for every space.

Trails have an ADA accessible entrance, as well. The trails are either wood chip or gravel, and once in the nature park all of the trails are flat.

Please contact us at (425) 452-2565 if you have additional questions or concerns.


Are there bathrooms onsite?

Where is the Center?  
The Center is the only building onsite shaped like an old farmhouse with signage directing people to the front door.

Is there food onsite?
No, there is not food onsite. The closest food options close are about 5 minutes away from Mercer Slough. Guests are invited to bring their own food.

Is there space that I can reserve onsite?
Yes, there is a Community Room people can reserve onsite, which is managed through the City of Bellevue. Learn more.



Curiosity Never Closes: Support PacSci

While we undergo our renewal, we are still serving the community. We depend on support from you.

320-acre Wetland Park in the Heart of Urban Bellevue