Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

Programs For Kids

Camps for Curious Minds
Summer and Break Camps for grades PreK-12 at Mercer Slough offer outdoor adventure and environmental science in state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms and hiking trails.

Parents’ Day Out
Monthly kids-only days of fun and discovery around the wetlands of Mercer Slough.

Wild B’earthday Parties
Celebrate your birthday in the wild! Explore the wetlands, play ecology games, and then celebrate your party amidst the tree tops.

Programs For Early Learners

Wetland Waddlers
In this two hour, weekend program, explore Mercer Slough with your preschooler and grow a connection to the natural world.

Polliwog Preschool
In our school year program for children ages 3-5, nature-based themes and activities encourage curiosity and foster a love of nature and learning.

Preschool Field Trips to Mercer Slough
Explore the wonders of nature with an environmental science program led by our educators. Go on a one-of-a-kind field trip to the Slough to learn about plants and animals, or bring Mercer Slough to you with interactive classroom lessons taught at your venue.

Camps for Curious Minds
Pacific Science Center’s preschool camps, designed for 4-year-olds and children entering kindergarten, offer fun and hands-on learning experiences sure to inspire the inner scientist in your child.


Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center



320-acre Wetland Park in the Heart of Urban Bellevue