Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

Scouts In The Wild at Mercer Slough Nature Park.

Scouts In The Wild

Scouts in the Wild is an after-school and weekend program for groups of children in grades K-5 that can include scouts, campfire groups, homeschool cooperatives or even an informal group of friends. Program options are loosely based on a variety of badge requirements for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, but are fun and educational for any group interested in a guided hike through Mercer Slough Nature Park. All programs include a discussion of Leave No Trace guidelines and ways to be prepared for a hiking adventure. Call (206) 443-2925 or email to register.

Program Details

  • Length: 2 hours, all outdoors
  • When: Weekdays after school, Saturdays and Sundays from September – June
  • Capacity: Minimum one adult chaperone per 16 children (max. 32 children)
  • Cost: $125 for groups of up to 16 children ($110 for Pacific Science Center Members), or $200 for groups of 17-32 children ($180 for Pacific Science Center Members)
Grades K-2 Program Options


Identify wild animals that live in the Slough, from the insects that crawl on the ground to birds that fly through the air. Start your adventure by making a plaster track print to take home. Then hunt for animal tracks in the wetland mud, play an active game of predators and prey and test how camouflage helps animals survive. View Badge Requirements

Insect Investigators

Insects are everywhere! After figuring out what makes insects different from other invertebrates, get out your trusty magnifying glass and bug box and hunt for slugs, worms, beetles and millipedes. Watch what bugs do as they go about their lives. Use natural materials to build the most amazing insect habitat, and make a butterfly craft to take home. View Badge Requirements

Sensory Trailblazers

Use all your senses to explore the Slough. Touch a leaf, smell the soil, listen for birds and look for signs of wildlife. Practice your map skills while you feel the bog bounce under your feet, then search for all the colors for the rainbow. Bring your own healthy hiking snack to explore the final sense: taste. View Badge Requirements

Grades 3-5 Program Options


Use a map, compass and GPS to explore Mercer Slough Nature Park. Experiment with floating magnets to figure out how compasses work. Use a compass to find your way down into the wetland. Then, use a GPS to find our hidden geocache, trade treasures and sign a log book. View Badge Requirements

Ecosystem Biologists

Identify producers, consumers and decomposers in the wetland ecosystem of Mercer Slough. Go on a scavenger hunt to identify plants and find the signs animals leave behind. Explore impacts that humans may have on a wetland and brainstorm ways to make your mark a positive one. View Badge Requirements


Within the boundaries of Mercer Slough Nature Park, explore the native and non-native trees and flowers of Pacific Northwest forests. Identify helpful and dangerous plants, and find out the variety of ways plants are useful to people. Make a plant press to take home with you. View Badge Requirements


Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center