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Music Fest at PacSci

Tune in to Pacific Science Center September 1-14

Music Fest at PacSci - Sept. 1-14, 2018

Curiosity reverberates at PacSci this Fall. For the first part of September, we’re spotlighting the science of music – how instruments work, what happens to your brain when you hear sound, and more. Our ensemble of hands-on activities and demonstrations are a great way to get your brain tuned up and ready for fall.

  • Watch our newest IMAX® documentary, America’s Musical Journey, to discover the roots of American music on a visit to some of the greatest music capitals in the world.
  • Join us on September 13 at 3 p.m. as top-tier musicians from Emerald City Music perform and explain the acoustic science behind their instruments.
  • Build, test and play your own stringed and computer-controlled musical instruments in our makerspace, Tinker Tank.
  • Play Beat Saber, a VR rhythm game where you use light sabers to dance, chop and dodge virtual beats set to music.
  • Visit our Music Carts to learn what sound is made up of, how different instruments make different sounds, and how to use math to play music.
  • Discover new musical artists or jam out to classic favorites as you watch one of our many laser shows, performed live every time!

Music Fest runs September 1-14. Join us for a rockin’ fun time exploring the science of sound!

All activities and shows are subject to change. Please call our Guest Services office at (206) 443-2844 for the most up-to-date schedule.


Special Musical Events Happening this Month

Hyperspace: Local Startup Virtual Reality Experience at PacSci

Laser Nirvana

Join us for a limited-edition laser show celebrating the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s critically-acclaimed final album, In Utero, that rocked the music scene in 1993 and introduced their new raw and unpolished sound.

Friday, Sept 21 and Saturday, Sept 22 at 9 p.m.