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Terracotta Warriors

Pacific Science Center is partnering with The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to produce and present a one-of-a-kind exhibition that is currently nicknamed ‘Terracotta Warriors.’ This exhibit will debut at Pacific Science Center in the spring of 2017 and will come to The Franklin Institute in winter of 2017. As our exhibits teams work hard to put together this exciting new exhibit, we look to you to help us choose a name!

See below for more information about the exhibit and cast your vote for your favorite name through the link below.

About the exhibit:

Ever since the 1974 discovery of the terracotta statues in an orchard in Xi’an, these majestic relics have mystified and enchanted archaeologists and historians worldwide. This exhibit will take visitors on a journey through the discovery of the statues, their symbolism, the cultural and historical context of the warriors, the mystery of the tomb that they guard, and the technology that contributes to our understanding of the statues today. Visitors will be introduced to the larger historical context of the First Emperor’s formation of a unified China and the technological advancements that followed, as well as the individual narrative surrounding each statue and its creation. Featuring an impressive immersive experience where visitors will see a simulation of the original boldly-colored warriors transforming over time, ‘Terracotta Warriors’ will express the awesome scale of the project to build and preserve these quiet guards of the afterlife.

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