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Fresh Sheet – November 10, 2018

We have Attacus atlas (Atlas Moth) cocoons in this week's pupae shipment from Malaysia. These large, beautiful moths can be quite easy to find resting on a tree branch during the day and they always delight our guests.Have you ever wondered why they're called "Atlas...

RIP Esteban, Our Beloved Boa

Our beloved boa constrictor Esteban has died after years of failing health. He made a lasting impression on tens of thousands of our guests and our staff as well.

Fresh Sheet – November 3, 2018

In this week's shipment of pupae, once again we have a species we've never received before. This newest species from El Salvador is Consul excellens (Black-veined Leafwing).Guests may notice that Consul excellens is similar to its cousin Consul fabius (Tiger Leafwing)...

Fresh Sheet – October 27, 2018

From Costa Rica this week, we have 29 different species represented in the single shipment. See the newest residents of our Tropical Butterfly House in this week’s Fresh Sheet.

Fresh Sheet – October 13, 2018

The latest arrivals to our Tropical Butterfly House include a species we haven’t seen before. Learn more about Blue Glassy Tiger then make plans to see them up close and personal.

Fresh Sheet – October 6, 2018

This week's shipment of pupae from El Salvador contains three species that send Animal Care Staff to their butterfly identification books: Archeoprepona demophoon (Hubner's Prepona), Archeoprepona demophon (One-spotted Prepona), and Prepona omphale (Blue...

Fresh Sheet – September 22, 2018

This week we received a big batch of Battus polydamus, the Gold Rim or Tailless Swallowtail from Suriname. These butterflies are part of a group of swallowtails that eat Aristolochia or Pipevine as caterpillars. They sequester noxious chemicals from the plant in their...

Fresh Sheet – September 15, 2018

Pacific Science Center’s Tropical Butterfly House has reopened after our annual closure/renovation. Here’s a list of our newest residents.