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Fresh Sheet – May 18, 2019

The latest arrivals to our Tropical Butterfly House come from El Salvador, including some ‘pipevine swallowtails’ named for the plants they need.

Fresh Sheet – May 11, 2019

Let's discuss the genus Siproeta. Pacific Science Center is getting two of the three species from the genus, in our Costa Rica pupae shipment: S. stelenes (Malachite) and S. epaphus (Rusty-tipped Page). Their pupae are nearly identical – in fact, so similar that we...

Fresh Sheet – May 4, 2019

An interesting puzzle arrived with the latest shipment of residents in our Tropical Butterfly House. Learn how our Animal Caretakers solved it.

Fresh Sheet – April 27, 2019

The latest shipment of new residents in our Tropical Butterfly House comes from Malaysia and includes a remarkable member of the Swallowtail family.

Assassins in The Springtime

The ‘white-eyed assassin’ sounds like a character you’d encounter in a cloak-and-dagger TV drama or videogame. In actuality, it’s one of our resident bugs.

Fresh Sheet – April 13, 2019

In this week's pupae shipment from Costa Rica, we are getting a small number of Rothschildia lebeau (Lebeau's Rothschildia), a small but stunning silk moth with large transparent sections of its wing. The name silk moth is a little confusing. There are domestic...

Fresh Sheet – April 6, 2019

This week’s list of new residents to our Tropical Butterfly House features Biblis hyperia, commonly known as the Red Rim.

A Million Ways to Reproduce

Scientists think stick insects sometimes spread their eggs through birds that eat them. They spread them as they do seeds – through their digestive system.