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Fresh Sheet – October 6, 2018

This week's shipment of pupae from El Salvador contains three species that send Animal Care Staff to their butterfly identification books: Archeoprepona demophoon (Hubner's Prepona), Archeoprepona demophon (One-spotted Prepona), and Prepona omphale (Blue...

Fresh Sheet – September 22, 2018

This week we received a big batch of Battus polydamus, the Gold Rim or Tailless Swallowtail from Suriname. These butterflies are part of a group of swallowtails that eat Aristolochia or Pipevine as caterpillars. They sequester noxious chemicals from the plant in their...

Fresh Sheet – September 15, 2018

Pacific Science Center’s Tropical Butterfly House has reopened after our annual closure/renovation. Here’s a list of our newest residents.

Fresh Sheet – August 25, 2018

Our weekly list of new arrivals to our Tropical Butterfly House includes a species famous for drinking ‘tears’ of turtles.

Fresh Sheet – August 18, 2018

Do you like to observe butterflies and want to learn more about them? Butterfly watching is a fast growing hobby and our Tropical Butterfly House is a good place to start!

Fresh Sheet – August 11, 2018

This week’s list of new arrivals at our Tropical Butterfly House includes a quick butterfly anatomy lesson. Do you know where butterflies’ ears are?