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Fresh Sheet – May 26, 2018

This week's shipment from Malaysia contains a beautiful variety of species, including one that isn't often seen in our Tropical Butterfly House, the Malayan Leafwing butterfly, Kallima paralekta. When its wings are closed, this butterfly bears an incredible...

Fresh Sheet – May 5, 2018

Pacific Science Center has many butterfly species - upward of 100 different species fly in our Tropical Butterfly House over a year. In addition to listing them in each week's Fresh Sheet, we provide a picture guide that features the most common species - the ones a...

Fresh Sheet – April 28, 2018

In this week’s shipment of pupae we have a species with a high level of sexual dimorphism. Learn more about it then stop by and see for yourself.

Fresh Sheet – April 21, 2018

In this week’s list of new arrivals in our Tropical Butterfly House we offer a quick lesson in butterfly terminology. Our focus this time is eclose.

Fresh Sheet – April 14, 2018

This week’s pupae shipment is quite a sight, displaying a full rainbow of color. Be sure to watch for these Costa Rican beauties in our Tropical Butterfly House.

Fresh Sheet – April 7, 2018

This week’s shipment of pupae for our Tropical Butterfly House highlights our new Living Wall and relationships between certain species of butterfly and flowers.

Fresh Sheet – March 31, 2018

This week’s shipment of pupae to our Tropical Butterfly House includes some that are similar to butterflies you’ll soon see fluttering around your yard. Can you tell the difference?