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Published weekly–sometimes more frequently, sometimes less–these roughly three minute reports focus on the many fascinating things our staff, volunteers and supporters are up to these days.

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South Pole Update: Skiers and Other Tourists

We received another call from Graylan Vincent of Seattle who's spending this winter at the south pole where summer is in full swing and with it lots of scientific research. Our previous reports from Graylan can be found here and here. This time he reports on just how...

PacSci Podcast: A Cold Turtle Odyssey

Our newest IMAX documentary, Turtle Odyssey 3D is all about sea turtles. In this podcast we learn how you might encounter those fascinating creatures here in the Pacific Northwest.

PacSci Podcast: Taking VR To The Next Level

In recent months, Pacific Science Center has been focused on what we call our What Is Reality effort...a new set of experiences that highlight immersive technologies...that's virtual reality, augmented reality, and so on. We've teamed up with local startups,...