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A Wish List For Science Education

Dec 7, 2018

Art Supplies

Looking to support Pacific Science Center in a unique and meaningful way this holiday season? We invite you to visit our Amazon Wish List to help ignite curiosity by purchasing essential and special items that will directly impact our exhibits and educational programming. You probably know a child who has participated in Camps for Curious Minds, experienced a Science On Wheels program as they lead a day of hands-on exploration and excitement at their school, or was captivated by a Live Science Show or one of our hundreds of interactive exhibits at our main campus. Purchasing an item off our Amazon Wish List is a perfect way to help bring fun, educational experiences to life for children of all ages.

With more than one million guests, campers, and students that Pacific Science Center serves annually, you can imagine how quickly we go through supplies and resources. Can you guess how many gallons of glue, batteries, and salt we use each year? If you answered 30 gallons of glue, 5,000 batteries, and 20 pounds of salt, you are correct! These everyday items are essential to our educational programming. Our budding scientists explore Material Engineering as they turn gallons of glue into hundreds of containers of slime. Batteries help power everything from portable microscopes in our camps and Kibo robots for Science On Wheels workshops, to microphones for our Live Science Shows. Salt is crucial for extracting DNA from strawberries and is also used to make play dough for building circuits. While these materials might be ephemeral, the memories made by our programming and exhibits last a life time.

We have a number of very special items on our Wish List that ensure that our experiences continue to delight guests. One such item is a laboratory-grade glass dewar. Our educators explore the states of matter and the science of the very cold with the help of Liquid Nitrogen, which has a boiling point of -319°. This glass dewar will safely hold Liquid Nitrogen, which enables audiences to see the “mystery liquid” bubble and freeze items like rubber gloves and racket balls. Have you created mountains and valleys on our topographical Augmented Reality Sand Box? This is one our most sought-out activities, and it requires dozens of boxes of clean, white sand to make this a highlight of a guest’s experience. With the purchase of one of these special items from our Wish List, you become a key collaborator in making Pacific Science Center such an engaging place to visit.

We hope you think of us this holiday season and check out our Amazon Wish List. From glue to GPS devices and balloons to batteries, your gift will enable us to continue to spread science cheer to those far and near.