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Behind The 8 Signature Cocktails At Theory 2018

by Rekha Olsen | Jun 26, 2018

On July 27, party with a purpose and join Pacific Science Center for our hottest event of the summer, Theory 2018. Explore our exhibits after hours, dress up and dance the night away – all in the name of science. You will also have access to eight open bars scattered throughout the Science Center, each complete with its own special and unique drink. Read on to learn more about these mouth-watering concoctions.

Explore the unknown with Into The Black, a signature drink that will pique your scientific curiosity. With sweet and refreshing notes of lime, pineapple and mint, Into The Black combines familiar flavors with its secret ingredient, activated charcoal, to create an unexpected and delicious experience for your inner explorer.

Have a bourbon and berry bonanza with our Bramble Smash, a unique drink featuring Heritage Elk Rider Bourbon as well as flavors of blackberry, lime and mint. To complete this distinctive drink, we also incorporate a French Press into its concoction.

For a zestier endeavor, take a journey down south and try South by Northwest, a flavorful combination of tequila, lime, mango, cilantro simple syrup and firewater bitters. This invigorating signature drink is bound to unleash your inner adventure-seeker!

With our Garden Gimlet, you’ll find yourself reveling in the earthy and familiar flavors of cucumber, lime and basil along with high quality Heritage Elk Rider Gin. Both your inner cocktail connoisseur and your inner green thumb are bound to be satisfied by this refreshing natural delight.

Experience the enticing combination of lemon and ginger with our signature Ginger Drop. A twist on the classic lemon drop, the Ginger Drop elevates the typical sour lemon flavor with the addition of warm and spicy ginger for a tangy treat.

Go on an aromatic adventure with the Lavender Granita, a drink that melds the fragrant and comforting taste of lavender with lemon and bitters for an extra zing. This is no ordinary drink: during its preparation, we utilize liquid nitrogen to make the Lavender Granita an enchanting and unforgettable drink experience.

Find yourself transported to the islands with our Paradise Mojito. Bright flavors of lime and passionfruit fuse with rum, mint and soda to create a truly tropical twist on a classic mojito.

Last but not least, we invite you to enjoy the sweet and citrusy Blood Orange Negroni. Complete with Heritage Elk Rider Gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and of course, blood orange, the Blood Orange Negroni is an invigorating and thirst-quenching indulgence.

Come enjoy these drinks and all sorts of other adventures at Theory 2018. This is the only event where you can experience all that the Science Center has to offer while supporting science outreach at the same time – all ticket sales go directly towards informal science education and enabling access for all. Join us on July 27 and party with a purpose!