Coding On Wheels

by | Jan 7, 2016

Thanks to generous support from Google, our science outreach educators have developed six hands-on computer science lessons designed to bridge the digital divide for middle schoolers, especially those in communities underrepresented in STEM fields. Many students don’t get exposed to computer science before high school; these lessons are meant to help kids engage with the world of computer science before then—creating positive associations that will last into high school and beyond.

Students manipulate code cards to design and test a program that moves a rover across the surface of Mars; peek “under the hood” of a computer, learning about transistors, binary code and how it’s possible to pack gigabytes on one tiny microchip; find ways to stop a hacker from stealing private information as it travels over the web; and write simple code.

We’re excited to launch this fun and rigorous Science After School series for middle schools. Delivered by experienced educators on our Science On Wheels team, this hands-on, interactive curriculum can be easily scaled and taught virtually anywhere without expensive technology. The after-school lessons are now available through our Science On Wheels program.