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Curiosity Continues After Dark

Dec 28, 2018

PacSci at Night

We’ve got a secret to share with you. Pacific Science Center throws an amazing after-hours hang. Right about the time you’re ready to wind down from your hectic day, they’re setting up the bar, getting out the karaoke machine and warming up the IMAX screens. It’s called PacSci at Night and they literally have something for everyone. Here’s just a taste.

First up, the 21+ Events. PacSci at Night now hosts a monthly 21+ get together. We’re talking cocktails, access to all the exhibits and you even get to try out products from local tech startups beta-testing their latest ideas. Grab your friends and come by for a relaxed, lounge hang with a little inspiration thrown in. Check out the calendar here.

Prefer your cocktails with a 4,800 square foot movie screen and surround sound? Not a problem. PacSci has two state-of-the-art IMAX theaters showing everything from inspiring documentaries to the biggest, baddest superhero flicks around. Stop by the Liftoff Lounge on your way in, grab your drink of choice and settle in for the show.

Maybe you don’t want to wind down. PacSci can help you get amped up, if that’s more your style. We’re talking LASER DOME, backed by 10,000 watts of sound. Just pick the show that suits your mood and they’ll do the rest.

Prefer to end your day with a little deeper mental stimulation? Then PacSci at Night’s Science in the City series is right up your alley. Engage directly with local experts on everything from the importance of global health to the future of transportation and innovative ideas to tackle homelessness. These lectures and panel discussions will leave you better informed and more curious than ever.

Like we said, there’s something for EVERYONE! The word is getting out about PacSci at Night in 2019. You’ll definitely want to check it out! Subscribe to the PacSci at Night e-newsletter for the latest on all the after-hours parties!


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