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Explore The Amazon In Seattle

by | Nov 10, 2017

In this PacSci Podcast, learn how tricky it is to tell a story millions of years in the making in just 25 minutes.

A great new documentary movie is now playing at Pacific Science Center’s Boeing IMAX Theater. It’s called Amazon Adventure and it has nothing to do with the Amazon that is so huge around Seattle. It is the story of explorer Henry Bates. As a young man back in the 1850s he left his home in England and spent 11 years traveling through the Amazon rainforest discovering some 8,000 species that were unknown to science. He also discovered what is now known as Batesian Mimicry, where a non-toxic animal imitates a toxic one to scare away predators. Learn more about that in this Life Sciences Blog post.

If you watch through the closing credits of Amazon Adventure you’ll see Pacific Science Center is mentioned. That’s because our staff of science interpreters created a live science stage show that accompanies the movie as it plays at science centers and museums across the country.