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From Seedlings to Pups: Reproduction in Full Bloom at PacSci

Mar 5, 2019

Naked Mole Rat

The always fascinating Naked Mole Rats are just part of what you’ll encounter in Our Plentiful Planet.

All living things go through various stages in their lives: conception, birth, childhood, adulthood and death. In fact, the phrase “circle of life” is used fairly synonymously with this natural process. But what do we really know, other than the obvious, when it comes to the procreation of all living things?

One thing all organisms do have in common is reproduction – whether it’s a fish cloning itself or a seedpod cracking open in fires, all living things have evolved or adapted to reproduce in their unique environments. The variations are endless.

There are two forms of reproduction, sexual and asexual, but every species is different when it comes to their process. In our new exhibit, Our Plentiful Planet, opening March 14, you’ll explore the diverse reproduction processes of some of PacSci’s flora and fauna.

For example, Naked Mole Rats live in communities that are usually dominated by one female, who is also the only one to breed. The queen, through chemical methods, suppresses the breeding ability of other females in the colony and also chooses two to three males to mate with. In rare instances, a male will fatten up and ventures out to search for a new colony and possibly mate with the foreign queen.

Our Plentiful Planet Fast Facts:

  • Open daily
  • Just outside our Tropical Butterfly House
  • No extra charge, just general admission
  • FREE for Pacific Science Center Members
  • For all ages

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