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Gliding Into Winter Like Bunji The Sea Turtle!

Dec 7, 2018

Baby Turtle

Embark on an epic adventure with an adorable Australian green sea turtle named Bunji, the star of our newest IMAX® documentary, Turtle Odyssey 3D. Turtle Odyssey 3D highlights the unique life cycle of one of Earth’s most ancient and magnificent creatures, Sea Turtles. For more than 100 million years, Sea Turtles have glided through the oceans freely while also playing a critical role in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem.

Explore the ocean through the eyes of Bunji from the moment she hatches and emerges from her nest and has to scurry across the beach to get to safety, to her taking refuge from predators in a seaweed fortress. Watch as Bunji grows up, meets other marine wildlife and travels more than a thousand miles from her foraging area to return to where she was born to lay eggs and start the Sea Turtle life cycle again with her own babies.

Watch the trailer then see Turtle Odyssey 3D in IMAX in our Boeing IMAX Theater today.