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Seattle Now The Center Of U.S. Pediatric Infectious Disease Research

by | Jul 24, 2018

Dr. Lisa Frenkel

Seattle Children’s Research Institute’s Dr. Lisa Frenkel will co-lead the new team alongside CIDR President John Aitchison. (Seattle Children’s Photo)

If there was ever any doubt that some of the world’s most important scientific research is happening in the Pacific Northwest, this new story from Geekwire should make it abundantly clear:

“CIDR to merge with Seattle Children’s, creating largest pediatric infectious disease org in the US”

It’s the story of the Seattle-based Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIDR), the oldest independent research organization of its kind in the country, merging with the infectious disease division of Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Here is a video announcing the merger:

Pacific Science Center has been trumpeting local researchers, engineers, and others for years. Some of the people in those fields make up our Science Communication Fellowship, many of whom appear at our local science events such as Meet A Scientist, Science in The City, and others.

This is an exciting time with new scientific breakthroughs coming on a regular basis. We encourage you to read up on some of this work. Have questions? Stop by. We can help.