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Summer Camps 2018: Science Is Everywhere!

by | Jun 6, 2018

When school is out for the summer, learning doesn’t have to stop! At Pacific Science Center, summer offers youth on summer break countless opportunities for innovative and fun-filled learning experiences that children may not encounter during the traditional school year.

Now entering its 37th summer, Camps for Curious Minds has expanded across the greater Puget Sound region with eight locations and over 90 different camps to choose from, 25 of which are new for 2018! By offering a wide array of topics for youth to explore, we encourage campers to follow their curiosity and to dive deep into an activity or subject matter they want to learn about – whether it’s creating a stop-motion film, building a startup company from the ground up, or even designing their own exhibit like the ones they see around the Science Center – and learn real science in the process. After all, science is in everything around us!

“The Science Center camps are a great way to inject more science and engineering into kids in a fun way that allows them to learn without realizing they are learning. Making science FUN and making science a part of everyday life is my goal for my kids and the Science Center is a perfect complement to this.” – Mom of 3rd and 5th grade campers

Spaces are still available in some of our most unique camps that combine hands-on experimentation with imaginative topics you won’t find anywhere else. The camps below still have spaces available to register, and you can find even more here. With only three weeks until summer begins, there’s no time to wait!

Discover one of the world’s most popular board games – with a technology twist! Our partnership camp with Chess4Life returns for another summer of computer science combined with chess. Campers will learn the basics of the classic game, then develop the skills to read binary code and code a strategic game in order to beat a computer opponent. One parent told us last summer that her fourth and fifth grade children “felt like they were expected to do real computer programming and take on new chess challenges that were for older kids, and they loved this.”

This camp will have your child cheering, “Tech-mate!” as they learn the computer science necessary to outsmart a computer at a game of chess. No experience required.

Spaces available in Seattle, Medina, Mountlake Terrace and West Seattle

Young Physicians
Does your ten-year-old have what it takes to become a doctor? In this camp, youth will get a firsthand look at a career in medicine with activities that include making a cast, suturing, taking vital signs, and culminating in a real dissection! For kids interested in anatomy and physiology, this camp tends to be a summer favorite. This is true for a parent who recounted about their daughter, “She got to dissect a sheep’s brain, a pig’s heart, a chicken’s leg…which stoked her interest in biology and medicine. She came back and told us stories of camp every day.”

For youth looking for a more in-depth investigation into dissection, our newest camp, Dissection Lab, gives middle school-aged children the opportunity to practice professional dissection techniques and explore the anatomy of variety of different organisms for an entire week. Only those with strong stomachs need apply!

Spaces in Young Physicians available in Bothell and Mountlake Terrace.
Spaces in Dissection Lab available in Bothell, Medina, Mountlake Terrace and Seattle.

Amusement Park Physics
Fans of carousels, roller coasters and other carnival rides will love our camp, Amusement Park Physics. Campers will discover the science that goes into constructing their favorite rides, and learn the fundamentals of pneumatics and hydraulics as they build working models of their very own ride designs. A parent told us about her second and third graders last summer, “They were excited about what they learned…and talked about kinetic and potential energy, where their ride would have the highest kinetic energy. I hear them say science is boring in school, however this week in the camp science was the most exciting thing ever.”

With all of their newfound physics knowledge, campers will learn that designing a roller coaster is no walk through the (amusement) park!

Spaces available in Kirkland and West Seattle.

Register Now for a Summer of Science
From surviving a zombie apocalypse to illustrating a comic book or learning to perform magic tricks, Camps for Curious Minds reveal the science in the world all around us, and makes children curious to learn more. Let us make it a summer of science for your child; reserve your their spot in summer camps today!

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