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The Importance Of Citizen Science

by | May 23, 2018

You Can Be A Citizen Scientist In Our Tropical Butterfly House

Since Pacific Science Center began in 1962, we have been involved with many projects that included ordinary citizens helping to research or better understand certain subjects. Our guests have helped us track residents of our Tropical Butterfly House, compile photos of various parts of our campus, they’ve helped us monitor our naked mole rats and many, many other such projects. These efforts have included people of all ages who all enjoyed gathering new knowledge about a variety of subjects. A new report indicates the use of what is generally known as “Citizen Science” or CS can be a valuable part of teaching young students the importance of science in their lives.

The report, produced by the University of California – Davis, tells the story of a successful third grade Citizen Scientist and provides a framework for other educators to better facilitate the use of Citizen Science in the classroom.

We encourage you to read the inspiring story then consider doing your own Citizen Science. Need help? Stop by and ask our staff and volunteers. We can help.