Exhibits & Programs

Parents’ Night Out

Spend a night out (or in!) while your child enjoys private, after-hours exploration of our exhibits, hands-on activities, and a live science, planetarium or laser light show. Your child will enjoy a light snack upon arrival and a science-themed treat later in the evening. Participants will be supervised in age groups by our outstanding and experienced staff all evening.


  • Drop-Off: 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Pick-Up: 10-11 p.m.
  • Cost: $45, or $35 for Members

Transfers & Cancellations: There is a $10 fee per child for transfers to another date. There are no refunds.

For all events beginning in October 2016, participants must register for a new account and complete a new medical form to ensure that our records are up to date. You only have to fill out this form once per child per year. For future Parent’s Night Out events, select the “Already Registered?” link on the registration page and enter the confirmation number from your last registration confirmation email.

Upcoming Events

May 20: Sounds of Science
What made that sound? Spend the evening experimenting with sound waves, different things that make sound, and how sound travels. Test out some unusual instruments, and then make your own to take home. Listen to some awesome tunes at a laser show, and you’ll be rockin’ the night away.

June 10: Sense and Sense-ability
How good is your sense of balance? Can you see color in the dark? How many senses do you really have? Make an optical illusion to trick your eyes, then fool your taste buds and measure your ability to touch. Gaze at a mesmerizing laser show, and taste a yummy treat. We have a sense this will be a really fun night.