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Parents’ Night Out

Pacific Science Center offers monthly Parents’ Night Out events all year round for kids in grades K-5. Spend a night out (or in!) while your child enjoys private, after-hours exploration of our exhibits, hands-on activities, and a live science, planetarium or laser light show. Your child will enjoy a light snack upon arrival and a science-themed treat later in the evening. Participants will be supervised in age groups by our outstanding and experienced staff all evening. For questions, call (206) 443-2925.

Program Details

  • Grades K-5
  • Drop-Off: 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Pick-Up: 10-11 p.m.
  • Cost: $45, or $35 for Pacific Science Center Members

Transfers & Cancellations: There is a $10 fee per child for transfers to another date. There are no refunds.

First time participants must complete a Medical and Liability form to ensure our records are up to date. You only have to fill out this form once per child per year. For future Parent’s Night Out events, select the “Already Registered?” link on the registration page and enter the confirmation number from your last registration confirmation email.

June 18 – Worms at Work

Wriggle your way to Parents’ Night Out and get ready to squirm with worms! Earthworms, night crawlers and even nematodes are a few types of worms we will learn about this evening. Handle LIVE worms and observe how worms use their senses to get around underground. Make a working worm-habitat to take home. Watch a laser show and end the night with a liquid nitrogen ice cream dirt cup.

July 9 – Explosive Experiments

Caution! Don’t try this at home! Put on your safety goggles and get ready for some explosive experiments! Watch as household items are frozen in liquid nitrogen and then smashed to pieces. Watch as our scientists blow your minds with a Live Science Show and take-home your very own science project to try with family and friends. Top off the night with liquid nitrogen ice cream that will really pop!

August 20 – H2Oceans

Be ready to get wet as we dive into the substance that covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, our oceans! Take a look at some planktonic creatures before you craft your own and see how well it floats. Explore a few chemical aspects of our ocean waters and see how well you would do eating as a barnacle does. Dry off the salt water and end the night with a Science on a Sphere show and a fruity frozen treat.