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Welcome to PacSci Perspectives – News From Pacific Science Center. This is Pacific Science Center’s home for news from under the arches and beyond. Find stories and ideas featuring our exhibits, IMAX theaters, events and programs that bring science to life and ignite curiosity in people of all ages. Find posts from our Wellbody Blog, an extension of Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Heatlh & Wellness, as well as our PacSci Life Blog, that follows all the happenings from our axolotls to our naked mole rats.

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Fresh Sheet – March 11, 2017

This week’s pupae shipment contains a large number of Atlas moths (Attacus atlas). We separate the boy moths from the girl moths in our Tropical Butterfly House. Do you know why?

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The Interactive Terracotta Warriors

The terracotta warriors are a wonder — architecturally, scientifically and artistically. Those who have been to Xian say they are breathtaking just to see from a distance. But what if you could see these ancient wonders as they once were, in their original glory?

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