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Welcome to PacSci Perspectives – News From Pacific Science Center. This is Pacific Science Center’s home for news from under the arches and beyond. Find stories and ideas featuring our exhibits, IMAX theaters, events and programs that bring science to life and ignite curiosity in people of all ages. Find posts from our Wellbody Blog, an extension of Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Heatlh & Wellness, as well as our PacSci Life Blog, that follows all the happenings from our axolotls to our naked mole rats.

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A Day In The Life Of A Science Superhero

It’s not often someone is greeted by students with an enthusiastic, “Hey, Science Guy!” unless you’re a Science On Wheels educator. Meet Ishin Iwasaki and discover the moment he became a Science Superhero, and how educators like him empower students every day with curiosity.

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Fresh Sheet – July 1, 2017

Here’s what’s new this week at Pacific Science Center’s Tropical Butterfly House featuring one of the most ubiquitous butterflies in our Butterfly House, Caligo memnon (Owl Butterfly), a member of the Nymphalidae family.

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Experience The Solar Eclipse With Pacific Science Center

The Ultimate Viewing Party Starts at 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 21 SEATTLE, WA (June 27, 2017) – On Monday, August 21 we will experience a celestial phenomenon for the first time in more than 30 years: the total solar eclipse. While the point of totality will occur in Oregon,...

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