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Private Events at Pacific Science Center

Since our famous beginning at the 1962 World’s Fair, Pacific Science Center has entertained millions. Our 7-acre downtown Seattle campus is an event location of choice for birthday parties, private and corporate functions, business meetings, receptions, dinners and other events. Pacific Science Center offers built-in entertainment options such as explosive live science demonstrations, trips to other galaxies in the Willard Smith Planetarium or an escape to paradise in the Tropical Butterfly House. Three state-of-the-art theaters offer the perfect location for guest lectures, award ceremonies, laser light performances and larger-than-life IMAX movies.

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COVID-19 Update

Future private events are still being booked even while PacSci is temporarily closed to the public! Please fill out the event inquiry below and our Events Team will contact you to discuss various options for your event. Have a quick question? Please email


Available Event Spaces

Pacific Science Center’s inventive and flexible space offers a wide spectrum of event options. Host an intimate dinner for 50 guests among the dinosaurs or utilize the entire facility for a lavish 4,000 person reception.

Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery

Private Events - Ackerley Family Exhibits Hall

An inventive and flexible space, the Ackerley Family Exhibit Gallery can be configured for a variety of events, from dinners and presentations to proms and wedding receptions. The floor-to-ceiling windows on the east wall allow guests a close-up view of the Space Needle and let in plenty of natural light. This room includes the Tropical Butterfly House, where guests can escape to the tropics any day of the year.

Board Room & Small Conference Room

Private Events - Board Room

This professional meeting space is ideal for intimate group gatherings of 25 or fewer.

IMAX Theaters

Private Events - Boeing IMAX Theater
Boeing IMAX Theater
Wow your guests with a larger-than-life IMAX experience. The newly renovated Boeing IMAX Theater offers a six-story screen, surround sound and the capacity to show 3D movies, documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters. This space is also available for lectures and special presentations, with seating for 373 guests.

Private Events - PACCAR IMAX Theater

Our original IMAX theater accommodates up to 325 guests for private movie screenings, special presentations or lectures.

Laser Dome Theater

Private Events - Laser Dome

Laser light displays set to rocking music will stir the imaginations of your guests. Choose a show from the extensive laser library or purchase a custom show featuring your favorite music. This space is also available for lectures, presentations and receptions.

Building 1

Private Events - Building 1

Travel back in time to the Mesozoic Era, where you will meet seven moving, roaring, robotic dinosaurs in a life-like environment. Then enjoy a live science show at the demonstration stage, where our expert staff will entertain and amaze your guests. This space can be transformed into a cocktail reception or a dance party, complete with disco lights.

Building 2

Private Events - Building 2

A spacious, interactive exhibit area, Building 2 is ideal for family and adult events alike. This building includes the Salt Water Tide Pool, the infamous Naked Mole Rat Colony, Willard Smith Planetarium and an array of rotating hands-on exhibits. This space can be transformed for company parties, high school dances, bar and bat mitzvahs and more.

Building 3

Private Events - Building 3

This unique, tri-level space is a fun venue for parties of 100 or less and is a great addition to a larger building rental. Explore the Body Works exhibit by testing your flexibility, vision, hearing, strength and more. Building 3 features beautiful glass walls on both the upper and lower levels, a private entrance for event guests and restroom facilities.

Building 4

Visit the 4th Dimension in Building 4 and enter realities that you have never experienced before. 

Try our awe-inspiring collection of immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences where you’ll have to see, feel and even smell (yes, smell) to believe. Each VR experience represents an astounding marriage of technology, art and storytelling, and is changing the landscape of reality as we know it.

Exclusive Caterer

We select our caterer for superior quality, attention to detail and our high standards for personal service. They know the facility inside and out – so you can count on them to create the perfect menu to accompany your adventure at Pacific Science Center.

Shana Hicks
509 Dexter Ave N | Seattle, WA 98109

Additional Information

Private Event Rental Policies

When you host an event at Pacific Science Center, you are contributing to our mission to inspire a lifelong interest in science, math and technology. As a non-profit organization, we rely on events staged in the midst of interesting science exhibitions to help sustain our many educational, interactive and innovative programs. Our special event staff will work with you to meet your unique event requirements. For this reason, these guidelines may not be completely inclusive of topics that arise from unique or special requests, and we invite you to consult our event staff about the details of your event and special needs or requests.

Thank you for considering Pacific Science Center for your event.

  • Events at Pacific Science Center must be social, cultural, recreational, corporate, educational or personal in nature. Pacific Science Center may not be used for political events or political rallies without specific approval of Pacific Science Center.
  • No product promotion is allowed. Any product promotion or commercial event must be approved by Pacific Science Center.
  • Event spaces must be reserved in advance. Unless outdoor space is reserved in advance, reserving an interior space for an event does not include any exterior areas.

Pacific Science Center reserves the right to refuse rental to individuals, organizations or events that discriminate because of an individual’s race, color, religion, origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental handicap, military status, sexual orientation, or in any other way that would constitute a violation of human rights. Pacific Science Center reserves the right to refuse rental to individuals, organizations or events who promote a view that is contradictory to Pacific Science Center’s mission or stance on science.

Fundraising Events

Any organization seeking to use Pacific Science Center facilities for fundraising events must qualify as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c)(3) or other relevant sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

A copy of the Internal Revenue determination letter must be provided to Pacific Science Center prior to executing the Event & Group Sales Agreement. The sponsoring organization must appear on the Agreement and provide a certificate of insurance in its name.

Invitation & Printed Materials

Invitations for rental events may not use the name of Pacific Science Center except as the designated location of the event.

A client may not use the name, logo or likeness of Pacific Science Center to promote any event without prior written permission from Pacific Science Center. It is permissible to include an informational brochure or other information published by Pacific Science Center for the purpose of describing the facilities and exhibits.

The content of all printed materials relating to the event must be submitted us for review before being printed. Any violation may result in cancellation of the event. Please allow three weeks prior to your design deadline to obtain approval for printed material copy by Pacific Science Center.

Photographs taken in designated areas of Pacific Science Center for personal use are permitted. Photography is not permitted in our IMAX Theaters. Photography is not allowed in Building 4 without prior written permission of Pacific Science Center staff. Photos may be restricted in certain exhibits.

All photographs that will be submitted for publication must be approved by the Pacific Science Center Event and Group Sales Office before publication or commitment to publication.

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